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Learn How to Protect Your Liver & Avoid the MISERY
of the Morning After a Few Drinks

Intox-Detox: Drink Healthier, Feel Better

Experience the magic of all-natural, patented and clinically proven ingredients that both protect your liver and help avoid the misery of the morning after drinking alcohol. Intox-Detox combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest ground-breaking supplementation science.


Hangovers suck. Detox, Recover and Protect with Intox-Detox.

Super Foods to Enhance Liver Function

Feel the difference with the ONLY two all natural ingredients clinically proven to enhance alcohol detox by breaking down the "Hangover Toxin" Acetaldehyde. The clinical dosage of these herbs and nutraceuticals may speed up detox by as much as 65%, so you can feel better tomorrow.

Patented Master Antioxidant Protection

Setria L-Glutathione is clinically proven to increase L-Glutathione levels in the body by up to 30%. The amino acid L-Glutathione binds the "Hangover Toxin" Acetaldehyde, acts as a co-factor for metabolizing alcohol and helps protect liver cells and other organ tissues from the damaging effects of alcohol's toxins.

All-Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan Formula


Intox-Detox features the purest, organic ingredients including:


Japanese Raisin Extract (DHM), Setria L-Gluathione,

Green Tea Leaf Powder, Korean Red Panax Ginseng.


Contains no preservatives, additives or colors.


Experience the magic of staying #LiverStrong for life.

For all general inquiries, please contact us at info@intox-detox.com