The Intox-Detox Story

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A Healthier Way to Drink

Your liver deserves the very best, clinically proven ingredients that Detox, Recover and Protect. That's why we searched the globe for only the purest, all-natural ingredients to both protect your liver and help avoid the MISERY of the morning after, when you have a few drinks.


This herbal formula contains time-tested Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs Japanese Raisin Extract, Green Tea Extract and Korean Red Panax Ginseng, paired with the incredible ground-breaking patented "Master Antioxidant" Setria L-Glutathione. Our unique formula gives you the right ingredients in the right amounts from the very best sources.


Each ingredient has been chosen specifically to fortify and rejuvenate your precious liver. You only get one and you literally can't LIVE without it.



Patented & Clinically Proven Ingredients

Intox-Detox is intended to be a proactive measure for your liver, to Detox, Recover and Protect BEFORE the damage is done. We call it PRECOVERY. The four vegan capsules deliver powerful antioxidants, adaptogens and Super Foods that enhance alcohol detox, delicately energize and improve alertness and shield the liver against alcohol's toxins.


We hand-selected Japanese Raisin Extract because it fortifies critical liver enzymes ADH and ALDH2 to speed up alcohol detox by as much as 65%. We also included Setria L-Glutathione that has been shown in studies to increase your body's levels off the "Master Antioxidant" by as much as 30%. This powerful nutraceutical also enhances immunity, attacks damaging free radicals and promotes vital organ protection and anti-aging.


Intox-Detox's formula also contains supporting ingredients Green Tea Extract and Korean Red Panax Ginseng for their powerful detoxification, re-balancing and antioxidant effects in the body. And that's just scratching the surface!

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Take Tonight for a Better Tomorrow

All together, Intox-Detox contains four all-natural, proven ingredients to BOTH protect your liver and help avoid tomorrow's misery.


To use Intox-Detox, simply take four capsules prior to or during drinking alcohol. You'll notice that the formula goes to work immediately lifting your mood, detoxifying as you go and protecting your body from alcohol's toxins. All while you enjoy a few drinks with friends! Intox-Detox does not prevent intoxication and will not sober you up. It works at the liver level, so it's not like a colon or kidney cleanse. It won't send you running for the bathroom, don't worry.


The synergistic herbal ingredients just help your liver do what it already does, but a lot faster and more efficiently. For a more spirited night, repeat with another four capsules before bed.


You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the new day. Intox-Detox can also be taken daily to energize, balance and protect from the toxic world all around us.



The Story Behind the Best Natural Hangover Solution on the Market

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Andy Bennett, Founder/Hangover Whisperer!

Hi, I'm Andy Bennett, CEO/Founder and often guinea pig for new Intox-Detox productions. I started this company because there was nothing on the market that actually worked for easing the misery of hangovers.


During my 10-year career in the supplement industry, as a manager with the Vitamin Shoppe and a freelance researcher/writer with LIVESTRONG.COM, I had seen many so-called "miracle" supplements come and go. Very few ingredients are truly experiential like our main active Japanese Raisin, which naturally contains the antioxidant flavonoid DHM. Experiential means you actually FEEL it from the very first serving. Aside from caffeine and a few other supplements on the market, there is almost nothing that safely works as quickly and noticeably as Japanese Raisin Extract.


Look, I started the company at age 34, so I had seen my share of hangovers. Yeah, they really got bad right around age 30. Even a few beers out with friends suddenly left me groggy and hurting the next morning. After we created Intox-Detox, that all changed. Now I can even make it to the gym the next day after a night out. I'm not talking about binge drinking and getting trashed. Obviously, it's best to drink responsibly, whatever that means to you personally. The product is also dose dependent, meaning the more you drink, the more you take. And at some point, if you totally overdo it or binge, nothing will help you. So, don't be an idiot. It's science, not magic.


Intox-Detox changed everything for me. And suddenly we were off on a tour of America to spread the word and give away samples of Intox-Detox to anyone willing to try it.


Since then, we have experimented with creating liver protective craft beer, energy drinks and even low-sugar, all-natural cocktail mixes - all infused with the Intox-Detox blend. Next up, we plan to create a daily maintenance liver health supplement and bring all of these new ground-breaking products to market.


My goal has always been the same: helping to create a better tomorrow for health conscious people with break-the-mold, convenient and functional food products, enhanced with safe clinically proven herbs, Super Foods and nutraceuticals.


Many new products have rushed into the market since we started over 5 years ago. The difference with Intox-Detox is clinically-proven ingredients in their clinically researched dosages. I wouldn't sell something to you that I wouldn't use myself.


And trust me, my "spirited" Irish family knows the difference! We try hard to be affordable, but we might not always be the cheapest on the market because we do things the right way. That means buying the highest quality patented and clinically tested ingredients. And manufacturing our product to be all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and made in the USA.


I would be honored if you would give Intox-Detox a shot. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

All-Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan Formula


Intox-Detox features the purest, all-natural ingredients including:

  • Japanese Raisin Extract (DHM)
  • Setria L-Gluathione
  • Green Tea Leaf Powder
  • Korean Red Panax Ginseng


Contains no preservatives, additives or colors.


Experience the magic of staying #LiverStrong for life.

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