Ingredirents include Japanese Raisin, Ginseng, Green Tea and Setria®

Quality Ingredients, that work!

The only alcohol-recovery product with Setria®, clinically-proven to reduce alcohol's damaging effects to the body. Intox-Detox™ is a potent combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and breakthrough clinical research

Enjoy your night life without the hangover with Intox-Detox™

Take tonight for a better tomorrow.™

Created to address the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Intox-Detox is a potent combination of traditional Chinese medicine and the latest ground-breaking dietary supplementation science.


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My girlfriend and I each took Intox-Detox before a night at home drinking wine & watching movies. Wine hangovers are definitely the worst kind for me. I drank enough where on any other day I would have surely woken up with a hangover. However, that was not the case. I woke up with a clear mind and no headache. Skeptical at first, I'm a believer in the product now. It's a small price to pay to save yourself from the headaches!

Zack P.

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