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2 Happier Hours 30-Serving Bottles

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five stars for intox detox hangover remedy

I'm a biochemist, so I was highly skeptical...

“For the record, I never believed in a 'hangover remedy' before. I'm a biochemist, so I was highly skeptical. I have to say that it really worked for me. When I dove deeper into the science, it totally made sense. Very glad I gave Intox-Detox a chance."

-Brooke S, Allentown, PAintox detox testimonial photo

TWO BOTTLES: Grab 2 bottles to experience the magic of INTOX-DETOX for protecting your liver and helping to avoid the misery of the morning after some drinks. It's a pure bulk play, with count them 4 bottles, each delivering 15 servings at an incredible price. We like to reward customers who commit and help us share our brand with friends, family and drinking buddies. Whether you are stocking up for yourself, or just did all your Holiday shopping with one click, you rule!

  • Safe, Effective, All-Natural and Fully FDA-Compliant
  • Take Before, During or After Alcohol Consumption to Detox, Recover and Protect from the Damaging Effects
  • Clinically-Proven Ingredients Protect Your Liver and Help Avoid the Misery of the Next Morning
  • Patented Setria L-Glutathione Eliminates Alcohol's Toxins, Boosts Immunity & Promotes Anti-Aging
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan & cGMP Manufactured in the USA

Take tonight for a better tomorrow. #HangoversSuck