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Pre-Party/After-Party Bundle + 1 Case 70% Cacao Precovery Dark Chocolate

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Each of these 12 gourmet artisan 70% cacao dark chocolate bar delivers 2 full servings of Intox-Detox Happier Hours original formula!

Fulfilling the original dream behind Intox-Detox, this collaboration between Antidote Chocolate and Intox-Detox combines the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Clinical Research into a delicious and highly functional food product.

Multiple Ways to Enjoy:

1. Nibble a square with each alcoholic drink to Detox, Recover & Protect from the damaging effects of drinking.

2. Or simply eat half of the chocolate bar before your first drink. If you put in overtime with the drinks, eat the other half of the bar before bed. Or follow up with a serving of Better Tomorrows After-Party formula.

3. Forgot to take your Intox-Detox yesterday and feeling a little under the weather? This is the perfect comfort food to, not only soothe your soul but also, get your liver firing on all cylinders so you can be back on your feet and at your best in no time.

No pills to swallow and no inconvenience, just a delicious chocolate bar that delivers our tried-and-true Patented & Clinically proven ingredients.