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GlutUp - NEW! Shipping Now!

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Glut Up or Shut up!

Heard of probiotics? Of course you have. Nobody will shut up about them. Yes, they are tiny little friendly bacteria that live inside your intestines and have many health benefits. Seems like every other ad on TV and social media are pumping them as cure-alls for digestion, immune-health, weight-loss and anti-aging. And regularity of course. Yes, POOPING.

How about a probiotic that actually does something amazing for your liver? Our new probiotic product GlutUp actually takes waste from the digestion process and turns it into the "Master Antioxidant" L-Glutathione, which makes you look and feel younger. It detoxifies your whole body, enhances immune function and promotes youth and longevity. Glutathione is also REQUIRED for alcohol metabolism. It's one of the ingredients in our Happier Hours product, and one of the reasons that it works like magic. 

GlutUp delivers this probiotic, which takes up residence in your gut and pumps out alcohol and hangover-crushing Glutathione 24/7 and 365 days a year. Take it daily to Detox, Recover and Protect from the damaging effects of living life to the fullest.