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4 Happier Hours 30-Serving Bottles

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five stars for intox detox hangover remedy

I'm a biochemist, so I was highly skeptical...

“For the record, I never believed in a 'hangover remedy' before. I'm a biochemist, so I was highly skeptical. I have to say that it really worked for me. When I dove deeper into the science, it totally made sense. Very glad I gave Intox-Detox a chance."

-Brooke S, Allentown, PAintox detox testimonial photo

FOUR BOTTLES: If you're looking at this page, no big sales pitch needed. You must already know the magic of INTOX-DETOX for protecting your liver and helping to avoid the misery of the morning after some drinks. It's a pure bulk play, with count them 4 bottles, each delivering 16 servings at an incredible price. We like to reward customers who commit and help us share our brand with friends, family and drinking buddies.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This Original Formula now goes by the name Happier Hours, as we continue to develop exciting new Intox-Detox brand products.

  • Safe, Effective, All-Natural and Fully FDA-Compliant
  • Take Before, During or After Alcohol Consumption to Detox, Recover and Protect from the Damaging Effects
  • Clinically-Proven Ingredients Protect Your Liver and Help Avoid the Misery of the Next Morning
  • Patented Setria L-Glutathione Eliminates Alcohol's Toxins, Boosts Immunity & Promotes Anti-Aging
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan & cGMP Manufactured in the USA

Take tonight for a better tomorrow. #HangoversSuck