Intox-Detox in the News

Special Thank You to Our Wonderful Publicists at Orca Communications!

Upcoming Features:

  • Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine:  Editor let us know she has interest in Intox-Detox and will keep the information on hand or future reviews.
  • Oxygen Magazine:  Freelance writer for Oxygen looking for new releases for 2016 for recovery products. Intox-Detox submitted.
  • – Fitness Editor would like to promote Intox-Detox and review samples.
  • Chilled Magazine and  – Editor would like to review samples of Intox-Detox and we shared photos.  Update: Received and liked the product, plans to feature coming up.
  • Beverly Hills Times Magazine:  Editor is working on the “Best-of-the-Best” for Summer 2016 and would like to include Intox-Detox and requested samples. Update: Samples received and reviewing for feature.
  • – Editor has great interest to research and review Intox-Detox and would like to set something up for their July issue.
  • Miami Socialholic:  Editor would like to cover Intox-Detox and review samples.
  •  – Writer expressed interest in Intox-Detox for reviewing at outdoor music festivals and requested samples. Update: Received samples and reviewing. In the process of getting all products together to feature.
  • Brit & Co online:  Reporter is working on a feature on Bachelorette Parties and we submitted Intox-Detox and Andrew for an interview about the product.
  • – Pitched Intox Detox for consideration for new features. Continuing follow up with additional angles.
  • Alcohol Reviews online:  Editor is interested in reviewing Intox-Detox for a product review.
  • The American Spectator:  Editor is starting a new drinks column here and would like to consider Intox-Detox.
  • Alcoholmanac Magazine:  Editor expressed interest in Intox-Detox, inquiring to find out about USA distribution sites including in the Wisconsin area.
  • Connecting Women Blog:  Editor would like to promote Intox Detox on her blog and possibly on her talk radio show.
  • – Editors expressed interest to learn more about Intox Detox and review samples. Update: Received samples and in the process of reviewing.
  • – Editor expressed interest in Intox-Detox but also provided paid post options.
  • – Editor expressed interest in learning more about Intox Detox.
  • Guy and the Blog:  Editor is researching to learn more about Intox-Detox and will get back with us if they wish to pursue an interview with you, sample product and more.  Continuing follow-up.
  • Intermezzo Magazine:  Wine & Spirits Editor is sharing information about Intox-Detox with their science writers.
  • Women of Power Magazine Online:  Editor interested in reviewing Intox-Detox for an online feature.
  • A Real Urban Mom Blog:  Writer would like to see a sample and review.
  • Supernaturally Fabulous Magazine:  Editor wants to review Intox-Detox.
  • Akron Life Magazine:  Editor expressed interest in Intox Detox and would like to review samples.
  • SW Lake Lifestyle Magazine:  Editor expressed interest to see product photos for inclusion in an upcoming issue of “Summer Fun Survival Items.”
  • Housewives In The City Online:  Editor interested in featuring Intox Detox in a round-up feature in July.
  • Best Health Magazine and – (Toronto, Canada) Editor in Chief expressed great interest in Intox-Detox and inquired if product is available at Canadian retailers as well as online.
  • Natural Awakenings Magazine:  Publisher and Editor let us know they are very interested to learn more about your company and review samples of Intox-Detox.

Past Features: