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Hangovers are "JUST DEHYDRATION"?

A lot of people think that hangovers are "JUST DEHYDRATION", but not only is this not true, it's actually totally ridiculous. Even medical professionals try to sell us that line. I don't believe they are lying on purpose. Just like children, they are repeating what they have heard over and over again.
Why is a hangover being "just dehydration" so silly? All you have to do is think about it...
If you go for a long run, you get dehydrated.
Do you feel sick?
Do you feel like vomiting?
Big maybe...if you're really out of shape I guess, but...
Does it FEEL like a hangover.
Answer - NO!
If you lie on the beach all day, baking in the sun, (not great for your skin), but you do end up dehydrated, right?
Do you feel sick?
Do you feel like vomiting?
Do you feel HUNGOVER?
Answer - NO!
(Unless like me you put down 5 or 6 skinny margaritas, but then again I have a solution for that too!)
In fact, you might get a slight headache from dehydration or nausea, but for the most part, if you get physically ill from dehydration, you probably have heat exhaustion or heat stroke and are possibly close to having a serious medical problem - like DEATH for example.
Dehydration is only one of about a dozen or more physiological effects from alcohol. Yes, it's true that diuretics like ethanol trick our body into pumping out too much water.
But if beating hangovers were as simple as guzzling water or sports drinks, nobody would ever get them!
So why do they keep trying to sell us this BS line over and over and over...?
I'll tell you why... There are HUGE, POWERFUL COMPANIES that want to sell you crap.
What kind of crap?
Powerade, Gatorade, Pedialyte etc...
There's nothing inherently wrong with water, sugar and minerals, but it's not a miracle cure for anything.
In fact, pure H2O and nutritious foods provide all of the hydration you will ever need.
Nothing wrong with drinking these drinks. I do it myself.
Just know that if all you do is chug some Pedialyte, then you are ignoring 95% of the problem.
And worse, you are really only addressing one of the easiest parts of the hangover to solve.

Enter Big Pharma

What other kinds of crap do they try to sell us for hangovers?
Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Aspirin etc...
All very safe, miracle drugs that are okay some of the time for most people.
Do they put extra stress on your liver and stomach?
Yes. But for most it's fine.
What do these drugs actually do?
Answer - They decrease INFLAMMATION.
Inflammation is another of the dozen or so physiological effects from alcohol. When you take OTC pain medication, it relieves the inflammation.
After all, what is PAIN? It is an inflammatory signal that triggers the body to heal itself.
Inflammation hurts.
Hangovers hurt.
All at once.
Does that mean that a hangover is "just inflammation"?
Answer - NO!
Look, I'm no Conspiracy Theorist. I'm allergic to conspiracy theories.
However, I do have a few questions. And you probably will too, after I reveal the main SECRET to beating hangovers.
The fact is that the companies that manufacture those OTC medications make a crap ton of money.

With all these "GREAT" solutions, why do we still get hangovers?

For better or worse, humans love to drink alcohol. That means we get hungover.
And the easiest thing in the world is to pop a few pills and swallow them down with a bottle of G! or P!
But has any of this stopped people from getting hangovers?
If we want to stop hangovers, we have to dig a little deeper.

Physiological effects of drinking alcohol

A good start would be to identify all of the major PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS, which is just a fancy way of saying what the heck is going on inside our body when we drink.
Here are the most common:
Intoxication - Blood Sugar Fluctuations - ***Acetaldehyde Buildup***
Glutamine Rebound (Poor Sleep) - Skin Flushing - Decreased Focus - Fatigue
Stomach Upset/Nausea - Inflammation - Headache - Dehydration (it made the list!)
Blindness - Dizziness - Vomiting - Hallucinations - Death
The last line is just pure binge-style alcoholism drinking. Most of us responsible drinkers don't have to worry about all that.
However, a really bad hangover sure can FEEL LIKE DEATH, right?
And if you've had one or two (or many like I used to), you are no stranger to some of the other effects above.
The funny thing is that most of these symptoms and effects are very EASILY managed.

How to handle the physiological effects...?

First of all, Intoxication is one effect we DON'T WANT TO GET RID OF.
For this "side effect" just do NOTHING. Enjoy your drinks!
What the hell would be the point?
If you just wanted a tingle in your britches, why not have a few cups of strong tea or coffee?
Ideally, a science-based and logical approach to beating a hangover would involve addressing all of these effects that you DO NOT WANT.
In the spirit of that endeavor, let's knock all of those symptoms out real quickly.
Just the low-hanging fruit ones...

Blood sugar/Fatigue/Dehydration

Food, water, sports drinks, possibly including vitamins (B and otherwise) and minerals/electrolytes. For best results take these in before, during and after alcohol consumption.


Get more sleep. Consume coffee, energy drinks or other caffeinated products and/or natural nootropics to increase brain function. There are some great ones out there.


Over-the-counter (OTC) medications or their natural alternatives (A combination of Ginger, Turmeric, Boswellia and other herbs can be as effective as the drugs, minus the side effects. See a product called Ibuactin)


Now that I solved ALMOST ALL of the hangover problems above, allow me to read your mind...
"NO SH*T, DUDE! We ALL already do all of the above."
And that's why you're all still HUNGOVER in the morning.
Because you don't know ANYTHING about how to get rid of the TOXIC ACETALDEHYDE.
It's called the "Hangover Toxin" for God's sake! And I'll prove that with 2 examples in just a second.
To understand the chemical Acetaldehyde, you have to know the basics of ALCOHOL METABOLISM.
Yes, even nurses and doctors, who administer drugs to patients all day, don't understand this.
(Probably because they did one chapter on it about a half century ago. They have important and stressful jobs and a lot more important things to worry about most of the time. I salute them for their service and hard work, but stop telling me that it's "just dehydration")
Real quick... Learn this and you'll know something 90% or more of people don't know...

Alcohol Metabolism 101

You see, our livers are really STUPID by design...
No, I take that back. Our livers are miraculous wonders of nature. They are like the MAGICIANS of your body and can literally turn anything into anything else.
As a filter for your blood, not only do they have to metabolize your martinis and Coors Light, but they purify our life essence all day every day 24/7/365 to life.
Sounds like a prison sentence, but they do it with ease most of the time and rarely complain.
When it comes to alcohol, they save your life by doing something a little DUMB...
They take mildly toxic ETHANOL and turn it into something far more toxic, and even DEADLY...
Dun, dun dun! That's ACETALDEHYDE.
Anything that ends in "aldehyde", you better watch out. Like formaldehyde. Might help you look presentable when you're dead, but if you let much of it into your body, you will very much FEEL LIKE DEATH and soon actually be dead.
So, Acetaldehyde is up to 30 times more toxic than what you drank. Let's see how it works in...
2 Stages of Alcohol Metabolism
1. Ethanol (beer, wine, liquor, mead or Four-Loco) meets the liver enzyme ADH to make Acetaldehyde (ALD for short)
2. Acetaldehyde (the "Hangover Toxin") meets with the ALDH2 liver enzyme to make Acetic Acid. That stuff is basically a harmless vinegar-like substance that's excreted or used for energy.
That's it. That's how it works.
There's a slightly different pathway in the brain and other organs, but by far the majority is handled in the liver.

The Cliff's Notes

A. Ethanol (mild toxin) - B. Acethaldehyde (deadly toxin) - C. Acetic Acid (benign vinegar-like substance)
The faster you can go from point A (alcohol) to point C (vinegar), the better you will feel.

Acetaldehyde the "Hangover Toxin" is to blame

Ethanol = Fun

Acetaldehyde = Misery

That's because the primary cause of the WORST SIDE EFFECTS of alcohol is Acetaldehyde.
There I said it!
(Notice I didn't say "all", but rather "the worst". I never want to oversimplify something so complex - like so many people do - but I also don't think you need to research for 10 years like I did or take a chemistry class right now. Nobody likes chemistry! However, it can be quite useful...)
I'm about to tell you how to beat the toxic Acetaldhyde, but for the holdouts, let me prove that it causes the majority of the "HANGOVER-LIKE FEELINGS" with 2 very simple examples.