Your Amazing Liver and the Controversy Over "Detox" and Hangover Remedies

Your Amazing Liver and the Controversy Over "Detox" and Hangover Remedies

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The Best Drinking Buddy You Will Ever Have: YOUR LIVER

Your liver is AMAZING. That's first and foremost. Without it, you couldn't drink alcohol or even take medicine. You would literally die from one drink. You couldn't live a day without it. After all, it is called THE LIVER.

This miraculous organ gets so little attention. The heart and the brain are always in the forefront. And these days, the gut and its byzantine micro-biome are also all the rage. Just ask all the supplement companies peddling probiotics as miracle cure-alls. Hell, maybe they are...

(Check out Brad Pilon's Good Belly, Bad Belly - it's a fascinating look at the subject as it pertains to health and weight-loss)

All the while, the liver quietly hums away, making it possible for you to survive in a world chock full of chemicals, both man and nature-made. Remember that it's called the "LIVER" for a reason; you can't live without it. So, here's the controversy, and it involves Intox-Detox.

The Liver Detox Controversy

Many doctors, nurses and medical professionals don't believe that "DETOX" via dietary supplements is possible, especially for the liver. Even the American Liver Foundation denies that any supplement improves liver function.

I find it strange that no one questions a concept like improving cognitive function with caffeine and nutraceuticals, yet liver detox is impossible? Often these same people say that if you NEED a "hangover remedy" or liver detox that your liver is not working at all. Does that mean that if you take scientifically proven cognitive enhancers that your brain isn't working? There's a difference between function and achieving optimal performance via natural enhancement.

They have a point, in that the liver itself is a detoxifying wonder, filtering the blood to remove toxins and safely eliminate them from the body via the looks-as-gross-as-it-sounds bile. However, like any machine, it seems natural that efficiency can be improved. Yet, out in the field, at beer fests, breweries and wineries across America, I meet with great resistance and quite a bit of condescending skepticism and judgmental posturing from people who claim liver detox is impossible.

Meanwhile in the ER...

Enter Intox-Detox, with some impressive science showing that it can speed up liver detox (specifically for alcohol and its derivative toxins) and help protect the liver. No disrespect to those medical professionals. They know how to save your life in ways that I could never imagine, much less execute.

And yet, the proof is in their own pudding. When you overdose on acetaminophen (aka Tylenol), they have medical treatments to save your life. First they pump your stomach to remove as much of the toxin as possible (your body does this naturally with alcohol - it's called VOMITING). Then, they apply an IV drip of a glutathione precursor called NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine), which will save your life by preventing liver failure. How does it do this if liver detox is impossible?

So, let us qualify their original argument: liver detox is only possible by intravenous medical means at the point where liver failure is imminent. Not with mild stress on the liver, aka consuming alcohol.

Drinking "moderate" amounts of alcohol is a far less severe challenge to the liver than a serious overdose with OTC pain meds. Admittedly, moderation means something different to each person. Some people think that if you get a "hangover" at all you are not drinking moderately. I challenge this idea given that there are craft beers and meads clocking in between 10 and 20% alcohol, not to mention traditional 80-proof spirits. Let's leave the ethics of drinking alcohol to the philosophers. We're talking science here.

The Weird Science of Intox-Detox

Speaking of science, according to some credible research, the ingredients in Intox-Detox help target the specific "hangover toxin" (acetaldehyde) from alcohol that challenges the liver when you drink. That ingredient is known by the names hovenia dulcis or Japanese/Oriental raisin tree extract. There are 2 human studies that we used to formulate Intox-Detox. We packed each single serving with the EXACT amount of the same material used in the most impressive study.

That is one HUGE difference between our product and the dozens of others currently hitting the marketplace. They quote the same science, but none of them use the right amount of the ingredients. It's expensive to do things the Intox-Detox way. 

More research is needed. No doubt. I wish we could afford to pay for that research, as we are only a small family company, not backed by big Wall Street dollars or connected to the ho aristoi.

Eventually, we will conduct more extensive research to explore what makes these herbs work so damn well. And also, don't think I don't want a vast body of research to throw it back in the face of every single person who has questioned, condescended and insulted me and my company. Let's call it REVENGE SCIENCE.

Question Everything!

Don't get me wrong; I am the world's biggest skeptic. Question everything is my mantra. That's why I thoroughly - when I say thoroughly I mean it - tested the Intox-Detox ingredients before we ever launched the company. 

What we do know is that our ingredients are safe - all 4 are considered FDA GRAS or Generally Recognized as Safe. We also know that in the studies Japanese raisin was shown to be liver protective and helped lower blood markers for the "hangover toxin" acetaldehyde by up to 60%. 

However, science is useless if it is not applied. Perfect example, computers are an amazing technological achievement. Should we have put them in a museum and waited for more scientific proof? Or rightly so, knowing that they were useful and safe, put them to work in the field to improve and evolve the technology as we go? Ditto the wheel, the internet, antibiotics and every medicine or technology ever for all of human history.

Those who know me well have no doubt that I have applied the Hell out of the science behind Intox-Detox, on myself and others. At this point, after 5 years in business, hundreds of thousands of people have sampled and purchased Intox-Detox. We have obsessed lifelong customers. We know it works. Much like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs with computing, we are just waiting for the rest of you to catch up.

That's not arrogance by the way. Japanese raisin is the #1 "hangover cure" in South Korea. Traditional Chinese Medicine figured this out thousands of years before we did. Keep in mind that "alternative medicine" used to just be called MEDICINE. "Modern Medicine" is amazing, but it still has much to learn from the Ancients. In that spirit, we didn't reinvent the wheel; I just saw an opportunity to bring this amazing super food ingredient to market in the United States. 

Bottom Line:

Medical professionals hate the very idea of liver detox. They constantly take it out on me when I meet them. They tell me my product is worthless SNAKE OIL before they have even examined the science. Or for that matter, before they have taken our safe, effective formula for a test drive.  Even the American Liver Foundation doesn't want to take our money because they are afraid of the consequences of the controversy involved. (I pledged to donate 5% of our sales and they play pass the buck) Meanwhile, hospitals routinely use intravenous NAC to save the lives of people who would otherwise have liver failure. It's more than disingenuous; it's downright hypocritical. Intox-Detox has some impressive science behind it. More research is needed. However, it works in the real world. Even if computing were thought impossible (as it once was), no one would argue that it works if they watched my type this blog post on my laptop. 

Question everything, even me and my Intox-Detox. The only way to know for certain is to try it for yourself...

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Thanks for reading.

Stay #liverstrong,


Andy Bennett

PS: Have a look at our clinically-proven and clinically-formulated ingredients below. Red flag #1 for any supplement company is when they hide their label from you. Not us, we fly it loud and proud because it's our biggest selling point: quality ingredients in the right amounts and taken at the right time make all the difference in the world.

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