Top 4 Alcohol Dehydration Tips - Hangovers Suck!

Top 4 Alcohol Dehydration Tips - Hangovers Suck!

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Top 4 Dehydration Tips for Social Drinkers

Andy Bennett here, the CEO and Founder of Intox-Detox. 

I used to get NASTY HANGOVERS.

All I want is to enjoy a few drinks and live life to the fullest without giving up my health and damaging my body. That’s why I set out to find an all-natural hangover solution that would allow me to have fun, without feeling terrible the next day.

After 10 years of research, I discovered a huge secret that will shock most people.

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Many people will tell you that a hangover is really just dehydration. (Not true and I’ll explain why in just a moment). Dehydration is part of it,  and it’s actually pretty easy to deal with. So here are my top four tips…

4 Dehydration Tips

  1. Hydrate

Before, during and after drinking – this sounds TOO SIMPLE, but nobody gets it right. Do it, it can make a big difference. Water helps speed up the detox of toxins as you go (one specific toxin especially).

  1. Gatorade/Pedialyte or sports drinks…

These are okay. They do the job, but also have a lot of added sugar. I actually prefer coconut water because it has more electrolytes, as well as natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to fight toxins and inflammation (2 other important hangover factors besides dehydration)

  1. Healthy food

It is one of your best sources of minerals (electrolytes) and water. For example fruits and vegetables are mostly water (We’ll talk more about how diet affects hangovers soon)

  1. Ultima

They are good friends of mine and have a sugar-free, all-natural hydration formula that tastes great. You can use it before, during and after drinking. They even mix it with vodka, and I have to say it’s pretty darn good! (No I don’t get paid to promote them, except for good karma:)

Problem is that you can do all of these things right and still get a hangover. Why?

Because dehydration is not the MAIN CAUSE of nasty hangover side effects. It’s a toxic chemical made in your liver from alcohol called ACETALDEHYDE.

Next time, I will give you some tips about what to eat to help your body get rid of this deadly stuff faster to avoid the hangover. I’ll also give you my top hangover-busting pre-game meal. (Click here to read the next article in the series...)

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Stay #liverstrong


Andy Bennett

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