Is Liver Detox a Scam?

Is Liver Detox a Scam?

If Liver Detox is a Scam...

...then Intox-Detox WOULD NOT work. Here's the does. Not only is it clinically-proven, we have over 100,000 samplers and customers who confirm it. Certainly 99% success rate can't all be placebo effect, can it?

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If it is a scam, then how is it that they use an IV drip of an all-natural amino acid called NAC in the ER to save your life and prevent liver failure when you overdose on certain drugs? This is another example of how the Western medicine "powers-that-be" deny alternative methods, in favor of their products. It only works if THEY sell it to you. 

Look, all-natural dietary supplements like Intox-Detox are NOT a replacement for drugs and medical treatments. ID is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. Our belief is that using certain clinically-proven natural remedies can help you live a healthier life, so that maybe you don't  need to intervene with drastic measures like surgery and drugs, unless it is 100% necessary to save your life.

If you are dying, let them save you. Western medicine is amazing. We are not down on it.

Natural remedies are also amazing. And the "modern" research is finally catching up to the Wisdom of the Ancients. 

I imagine a world where natural therapies are seamlessly blended with pharmaceutical drugs and surgical procedures to deliver the best of both worlds. That would mean maximum benefit at minimum cost, in terms of side effects and unintended consequences.

The question is will the moneyed interests of both industries (supplements and Big Pharma both have lobbyists) ever let this best-of-both-worlds scenario ever actually happen in the real world.

Stay #liverstrong

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