Intox Detox Launches Better Tomorrows Brewing

Intox Detox Launches Better Tomorrows Brewing


An Irish Stout Dosed with the Intox Detox Proprietary Blend!

Intox Detox is proud to announce the development of The Irish Flu Shot beer, an Irish style stout with the Intox Detox proprietary blend of herbal ingredients. Far from just a gimmick, these clinically proven ingredients are actually very functional. Over the course of 4 or 5 beers, it provides the equivalent of one serving of Intox Detox.

CEO/Founder Andy Bennett spent the day working with the awesome team at Craft of Brewing in Ashburn, Virginia. "They were great. The team helped me dial in the recipe and guided me step by step through the process. Of course, I wanted to make a STRONG Irish Stout, so Travis helped me tweak the recipe to achieve a 5.8% ABV, while staying within the style profile. Everyone there was so friendly and helpful."

After two weeks of fermentation, The Irish Flu Shot will be ready to receive the magical Intox Detox proprietary blend of ingredients. Since they are dosed in functional amounts, just like the all natural dietary supplement product, fermenting the herbs might render them less effective. 

In the past, Intox Detox has partnered with Al Beltran of Sailfish Brewing Company (Fort Pierce, Florida) and national award winning home brewer Etienne Bourgeois to create similar prototypes. However, this time is different, according to Bennett:

"We are going all in on this and creating our own brewery. The craft beer scene has become very saturated and it seems like everyone has a gimmick or specialty niche. No one else in the world, as far as we know, is doing liver protective beer, so I decided to launch Better Tomorrows Brewing Co, so that craft beer lovers can enjoy some quality brews with no regrets the next morning."

The Irish Flu Shot will be ready to sample in mid April. Bennett has already set his sites on the next beer, which will be a Double IPA called the Green Knight. And yes, it will in fact be GREEN. Bennett explains that adding a small amount of all natural liquid chlorophyll makes the beer green and adds a functional amount of detoxifying ingredients, without significantly affecting the taste.

Check out a few pictures from the brewing experience at Craft of Brewing.

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