Intox-Detox Buys You a Drink & One Free Bottle of Our Magic Formula

Intox-Detox Buys You a Drink & One Free Bottle of Our Magic Formula

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Can I Buy You a Drink?

Two things that will NEVER ever change in life...

1. Hangovers suck.

2. People LOVE free stuff. 

And what could possibly be better than combining the two to give you a free drink and a bottle of Intox-Detox to protect your liver and help avoid the misery of the next morning, whenever you choose to enjoy a few drinks?

Answer = NOTHING!

We are so confident in our amazing all-natural, clinically-proven Alcohol Recovery and Liver Detox formula that we are going to buy you a drink. How can we possibly do that?

Simple. You sign up to get your free 60-count bottle of Intox-Detox and we will Paypal, Cashapp or Venmo you $8 asap. If only we could teleport your Intox-Detox at the same time, we would. Waiting on Amazon to respond to our inquiry about delivering Intox-Detox with local alcohol deliveries in cities where available. We won't hold our breath. 

Luckily, our shipping is quick, so you can expect to get your free bottle of Intox-Detox within 3 business days. 

What's the Catch?

Usually, you have to wait for the "fine print". We like our truth like our drinks - straight up.

We aren't trying to pull the wool over your eyes. This is a straight up offer and both of us have some skin in the game.

You sign up to get monthly automated deliveries of Intox-Detox, one 15-serving bottle per month, which costs $39.99. Keep in mind that your first bottle is free, so you are actually getting 2 bottles at a 50% discount or $20 each.

And I'm buying you a drink. Remember that you can cancel anytime after 1 billing cycle. No questions asked. Ever.

So let's do the math:

2 bottles = 30 servings of Intox-Detox, which sells in bars, breweries and stores for $4.99 per serving.

30 servings X $4.99 = $149.70 value

And I am buying you an $8 drink just for giving Intox-Detox a try. 

$149.70 Intox-Detox product + $8 drink = $157.70 value

And you will have only paid $39.99.

That's if you should decide to cancel after 1 billing cycle. When you love the product as much as I know you will, you can keep it running and lock in the deal for as long as you want. Or once again, you can cancel at ANYTIME. 

I don't want your money if you don't want our product. It's like dating. There are plenty of people who drink like fish in the sea. We know we can help them, so if you are not our customer, then we can all just move on with our lives.

Speaking of fish, most of our customers are hooked for life because they have experienced the magic of Intox-Detox. Once you have, it's kind of hard to drink even just a few alcoholic drinks without it.

Get Your Free Bottle Now

So, here's what you have to do to claim your free bottle of Intox-Detox and free drink right now...

1. Go to the FREE BOTTLE product page here... Complete your purchase.

2. Jot down the Order Number. Yes, we are going to need proof to send you cash for a free drink.

3. Email with 3 things: 1) Your Order Number 2) Your Paypal email or ID/handle for Venmo or Cashapp. 3) Subject line: "I'm Thirsty!"

4. You receive your $8 as soon as we can process it. Your free Intox-Detox bottle will arrive in 3 days or less.

After the first billing cycle, cancel anytime. Absolutely no questions asked. Ever.

Send an email to and request a cancellation before your next billing date (the same day you purchased, only the next month).

What if...

What if you really just don't like the product? 

After 5 years and hundreds of thousands of samplers and customers, we have had ALMOST ZERO complaints.

However, if you really do not like the product, I am willing to work with you.

Send all the remaining product back to us, we will refund your $39.99 as soon as we receive it. We cannot refund shipping and you are responsible for returning the product. That's your skin in the game.

We don't want the drink back; you can keep it!

Remember to always drink responsibly. One per customer. Existing customers, yes, you can sign up. 

Hurry because this is a VERY limited time offer.

Stay #liverstrong!

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