"I'm Never Drinking Again" And Other Popular Lies

"I'm Never Drinking Again" And Other Popular Lies

New years eve hangover

Happy New Year from Intox-Detox!

This quick post is about the elephant-sized hangover in the room. As the owner of Intox-Detox, I actually really DON'T LIKE holidays like New Years Eve and St. Patrick's Day. I know that's a weird thing to say. Personally, I love an opportunity to get together with family and friends to toast a few drinks. I dislike the fact that people use these nights to justify binge drinking. These are the holidays where I hear people say Intox-Detox "didn't work". It's rare, but we do get that and the reason is this...

Truth bomb...

Even if you do everything right, you can still get a bad hangover. Usually the reason is drinking like an idiot, and that falls into a few categories:  mixing tons of different drinks, ingesting far too much alcohol in general, going on a marathon bender and/or some combination of the above. 

This kind of drinking is not only not okay, it is downright dangerous. Our livers are tough, but not invincible.

And, Intox-Detox is not a miracle. If you want that, go to church. The science behind remedies like ours is legit. Ingredients containing the active DHM, like our Japanese Raisin Extract, help eliminate toxic Acetaldehyde from alcohol. However they are not miracles that erase your stupidity. 

Tough love, I know, but some of us need it (at times including me). 

Also remember that Intox-Detox is dose dependent. The more toxins you pore down your throat the more you need. And like anything, there is a point of no return. Even the strongest remedy, whether OTC, prescription or natural/alternative, has limits.

The idea is to drink moderately and responsibly, whatever that means to you individually. Enjoy yourself and preemptively plan to protect your body and mitigate negative effects, so that you can detox faster and get back to normal life tomorrow. That's why my stated goal has always been to help people maintain a balance between enjoying life to the fullest and staying healthy. If you're actions are aligned with that goal, Intox-Detox can be an amazing and useful tool. For me, it's having a fun night out and still getting to the gym the next day. Everyone must find his or her balance.

Take a close look in the mirror and ask yourself if you committed one of the cardinal sins of drinking like a moron. And think of it this way: without Intox-Detox, it would have been much worse. Don't believe me? Try the same again without it. I did this on accident recently when I got so busy talking and passing out samples that I FORGOT to take ID. Huge regrets the next day, and won't be doing that again!

Remember this simple guideline: Get a meal, drink some water and take a pack of Intox-Detox every 4 to 6 drinks, or 4 to 6 hours. Never would I recommend such marathon or volume drinking, but the reality is that it happens. I am no saint; been there, have the t-shirt. It's rare, but I am not going to lie.

Truth bomb #2...alcoholism is never okay. If you have an addiction, no amount of any product will help, outside of professional treatment. It also goes without saying that no amount of drinking and driving is safe or appropriate.

As for "never drinking again", the goal of Intox-Detox is so that we don't have to lie to ourselves. The social responsible drinker can enjoy himself or herself, knowing that tomorrow brings another day, with a new chance to contribute positively to our world.

Ideally, we intox while protecting, we detox while recovering quicker and then we lather, rinse, repeat. No one lives forever and life is here to be enjoyed.

That being said, I regularly take 2 to 4 weeks off from drinking to detox, to focus on fitness and to reflect on my life goals. There's nothing wrong with that and I highly recommend it every few months to help keep your body, mind and spirit in tip top shape.

Many still don't know about Intox-Detox. I remember my New Years and St. Paddy's days before ID. And I wouldn't wish that fresh Hell on anyone! So please, help us spread the word by recommending our Free Sample to a friend. Every referral enters them and you to win our monthly prize.

Instead of lying to ourselves in 2018, let's be realistic, live in authenticity and take little steps to become the best people we can possibly be.

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Stay #liverstrong,

Andy Bennett

Intox-Detox CEO


















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