How to Do St. Patrick's Day Without Regrets - From an Intox-Detox Legend

How to Do St. Patrick's Day Without Regrets - From an Intox-Detox Legend

St. Patrick's Day Sermon

Yeah, "Legend" is a a bit bold. But I'm NOT talking about myself. I am talking about Intox-Detox, which is 4 years old. Time goes so fast.

We have become legendary for saving your liver and helping you cope the morning after a few drinks. Don't believe me? Look us up.

We are kind of a big deal. That's why we call it "The Irish Flu Shot". Because, if you are going to be Irish on March 17th, you might just catch the "Irish flu". Intox-Detox is taken BEFORE and/or during your celebrations to protect your liver and help avoid the misery of the next morning.

The market's getting crowded, but we are the GREEN one. Also, the only one I know of that is clinically dosed and proven.

We drink responsibly, for fun and without regrets, but we are not STUPID.

Intox-Detox is SCIENCE. Not magic.

There are rules. And if you want to survive St. Paddy's Day (aka Amateur Hour) without feeling terrible, you better listen to me. It's not my first rodeo. And whatever you think you know about hangovers, you are MOST LIKELY wrong.

Here are my top tips...

1. Stick to 1 or 2 different drinks

This is one of those holidays where you WILL break this rule (which is why you need Intox-Detox). But don't drink 5 different types of shots or drinks and then act mystified when you wakeup hungover. (I mix a bit, but I also take Intox-Detox in a dose-dependent manner - see below)

2. Eat every 4 or 5 hours

Some of you, will drink all darn day. Our event starts at 9 am and ends at 9 pm, 12 hours later. Write this down... Water is not nearly as important as FOOD. Food has a ton of water, vitamins and minerals in it. I've been there and forgotten to eat enough, but this step is critical to your longevity on St. Paddy's Day. Go for some carbs and healthy fats like avocado. Remember: it's a marathon, not a sprint. You can't expect to sprint a marathon. That's how you die. The city of Marathon was named for that. Look it up.

3. Don't be dumb

This sounds simple, but it's hard to do, even for me. If you feel like you should take a break, have a glass of water or take a seat, you probably should. There is zero harm in sitting out that Jameson shot. There will be others. Promise.

4. Take Intox-Detox (or a worthy competitor)

It's JUST SCIENCE. And there is nothing more clinically proven or effective than Japanese Raisin. So, take some product with Japanese Raisin in it, because it's just that good. Take my competitors Life Support or Morning Recovery. These are products with clinically proven ingredients. Of course I will say mine is best, but I care more about you feeling okay tomorrow than I do about us making money. So buy one of us, so you can feel okay tomorrow. My preference is that you take it before you drink because the Japanese Raisin helps protect your liver while you drink.

5. Be Dose-Dependent

Whoever you choose -- even if it's these worthy competitors -- make sure that you take the product in a dose-dependent way. I know myself well. I have gotten  the t-shirt, ripped it off and put on another one, just to lose that same shirt in a beer pong tournament later. I know the score. And you are losing, if you think that you can take a few pills and negate a day's worth of drinking. Instead, remember that 6 strong drinks or 6 hours, whichever comes first, warrants a pack of Intox-Detox. Even I don't always follow the rules, and yet it still works like gangbusters. Don't overthink. Or overdrink. But follow the rules. And be responsible. 

It's just a fair warning for all of our extended Irish family who are Irish one or more days a year. I appreciate you all. And welcome you, as any Irish cousin would. 

And also, remember that in Ireland, this is a religious holiday. They love us acting all "Irish" for one day a year. But if you really get to know the spirit of Irish people, you might want to be Irish the whole year through.

We are running terribly low on FREE SAMPLES, but click here and see if they are still available.

Buy Intox-Detox in time for St. Paddy's here...

Erin go Bragh, or Erin go Bruf (small town my grandfather is from)



PS: To my amazing Irish cousins -- Orla, Niamh, Simone, Joseph and Tara -- I am coming back for the real thing soon. And bringing friends. 

PPS: Irish Moonshine is not your Grandmama's moonshine. I should know. My grandmama came from West Virginia (God rest her soul).


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