How to Avoid Red Face or Asian Flush From Alcohol


Avoid Asian Flush Red Face Blushing

Ever heard of "Asian flush"? Some call it Asian blush. It happens when certain people drink alcohol and their faces turn red. And no, it does not just affect Asians. Many people have the genes for it. It can range in severity from an annoying aesthetic perturbation to a debilitating problem that can make drinking even one alcoholic drink very unpleasant. And, the science behind the phenomenon is a perfect example of how Intox-Detox works. Hint: our product really helps a lot and in most cases completely stops the blushing or red face. I'll tell you how in a second.

Alcohol Metabolism 101

To review the metabolism of alcohol in the body... You drink Ethanol (beer, wine, liquor, etc.) and once in the bloodstream, it heads for the liver. First, Ethanol connects up with a liver enzyme called ADH (alcohol dehydrogenase), which breaks it down into the more toxic Acetaldehyde, also known as the "Hangover Toxin" and the target of Intox-Detox's function. Acetaldehyde then links up with another liver enzyme called ALDH2 and L-Glutathione, which produces Acetate, a harmless substance similar to vinegar. It's amazing, albeit a little backwards. Your body took something mildly toxic, turned it into something super deadly toxic and then turned that into something harmless that can either be excreted or recycled for energy purposes in the body. And Intox-Detox speeds this up, which is why it helps so much to avoid the misery. Faster you get the toxic stuff out, the better you feel. Perfect.

Only, it doesn't work quite that way for individuals with Asian flush. They have a mutated ALDH2 liver enzyme that partially or completely inhibits that crucial second step of alcohol metabolism, the part where the super deadly toxin turns into harmless vinegar. And that's a BIG problem. It means that they can't efficiently eliminate Acetaldehyde from their bodies. People with freaky X-Men livers probably have more of these enzymes, which may give them the ability to drink you under the table and wake up the next morning feeling like nothing happened. A minor case of Asian flush will turn your face red and make you look "hammered" with only one glass of wine or a beer. The more severely afflicted may get fall-down-drunk or violently ill from only a drink or two. Native Americans may have traditionally struggled with alcoholism for this reason. 

Let's assume you have the lesser form of this mutated liver enzyme condition, and your face just turns red when you drink. It's just embarrassing. So, why the red face? As stated the hangover toxin Acetaldehyde is a particularly nasty chemical. Since your liver can't get rid of it like most people, the body resorts to backup detoxification systems. And you only have a few. You can literally breathe it out via the lungs, which is why breathalyzers work for measuring BAC. The only other available pathway is the skin. As your body attempts to remove Acetaldehyde through sweat, it irritates the skin cells making them flush or turn red. Again, we are dealing with a highly toxic chemical here. And that's where Intox-Detox comes in. 

Japanese Raisin Extract: Acetaldehyde Avenger

Since our main ingredient Japanese Raisin Extract helps speed up the breakdown of toxic Acetaldehyde, your body can get rid of the nasty chemicals before they can irritate your skin and turn your face red. The other ingredients are not there for nothing; Setria L-Glutathione helps bind the toxin in the bloodstream to neutralize it and get it out of Dodge. Hence its nickname the body's "Master Antioxidant". Meanwhile, both Green Tea and Panax Ginseng also seem to have direct effects on Acetaldehyde levels in the body. Great, the science makes sense, but does it work?

True story -- my sister gave a sample to her neighbor, who is an elder Chinese man. His English was not so great, but she had noticed that his recycling bin was that of a pretty accomplished drinker, to be blunt. She gave him some samples of Intox-Detox one day in passing. The next time she saw him he was very happy to see her and kept repeating the phrase: "No Red Face!" At the time, she didn't know what that meant, but I explained it later. He wasn't getting a red face when he drank alcohol because the Intox-Detox was helping his liver to eliminate the toxic Acetaldehdye that would normally rush to the skin cells of his face. Pretty neat, huh? And that's not the only time we have heard stories like this about our product.

Obviously, this means it's best to take Intox-Detox BEFORE you drink to help avoid the red face or blushing. People often ask me "How long before drinking?" and my best answer is immediately. The Japanese Raisin seems to be active almost instantly. However, if you need a procedure, I would say take it 30 minutes prior to drinking or with your first alcoholic drink. The great thing about taking Intox-Detox ahead of time is that the science suggests that the ingredients help to protect your liver while you are having some fun. And oh, by the way, if you take it dose dependently, it's also great for avoiding the pain and misery of the next morning. 

It's Science, Not Magic

I always point out the dose dependence these days. Too many people treat Intox-Detox like it's a magic pill. Personally, the effects are quite magical for me. However, the more you drink, the more of the product you have to take. And at a certain point, nothing will help. To repeat, if you poison yourself thoroughly enough, nothing on this planet will help. If you keep it responsible, drink no more than you normally would, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the effects. It's not magic. It's science.

You may be thinking to yourself -- "How does an all-natural, safe herb like Japanese Raisin help with a minor disorder that is genetic in nature?" It's a great question and I would like to know the answer too. We just don't know. For some reason humans have not studied hangovers or these natural remedies very thoroughly. And that's a shame. I would love to fund some research to figure out exactly how these awesome Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs work. And doing so would help us to develop even better products to help the body detox, recover and protect from the damaging effects of booze. 

What we do know is that the ingredients in Intox-Detox are safe, all-natural and very effective. You can dig down into the science and you will see that what we did with this product is no less than genius. We did hire the best supplement formulator in the world to execute my vision. And he smashed it out of the park for a Grand Slam. If science isn't your thing though, you can skip that part and just take the product when you drink. Yes, I recommend taking it beforehand. However, it also works during or after.

Don't Take My Word, Get a Free Sample

For the true skeptics, I recommend waiting until you are already hungover. Wake up, take a pack of Intox-Detox and I guarantee you will feel MUCH better in 45 to 60 minutes. Samplers and customers have reported going from Walking Dead status to productive member of society in less than an hour.

Don't take my word for it. If you suffer from nasty hangovers or red face from Asian flush, grab a FREE SAMPLE of Intox-Detox here...

You only pay shipping. I cover the cost of the product. We do this because we know you are skeptical. We believe in our product. We practice what we preach. We are an Irish family who enjoy our share of the sacrament. No one in my family will drink without it. 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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