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Brooke S, Allentown, PA
Brooke S, Allentown, PA
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

“For the record, I never believed in a 'hangover remedy' before. I'm a biochemist, so I was highly skeptical. I have to say that it really worked for me. When I dove deeper into the science, it totally made sense. Very glad I gave Intox-Detox a chance."

Jonathan M, Pittsburgh, PA
Jonathan M, Pittsburgh, PA
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

"Met you at the Pittsburgh Beerfest on Saturday night. I just wanted to let you know that your product works WONDERS! It was a pleasure meeting you and I will push this product on to everyone I know in this area!!"

Nicole M, Orlando, FL
Nicole M, Orlando, FL
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

"Intox-Detox is a life saver. Personally, when I’m hung over, I’m the type of person who sits in a dark cold room and begs one of my friends to bring me food as my liver and I slowly die. Pretty terrible. After being introduced to Intox-Detox all of that changed! I can actually function the day after drinking! It’s miracle! #intoxdetoxforlife"

Happy ValenWINES Day from Intox-Detox

Posted by Andrew Bennet on

Happy ValenWINES Day from Intox-Detox

valentines day gift from intox detox

Happy Valentines Day!

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There's nothing better than sharing a few glasses of wine (or maybe shots of tequila?!?) with the one you love on a special occasion such as this.

However, there's nothing worse than waking up feeling TERRIBLE the next morning, which happens to be a Thursday. I don't know about you, but I work on Thursdays. 

Intox-Detox is the only product on the market that is clinically proven to both protect your liver and help avoid the misery of the next morning, when taken before or during drinking.

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PS: Missed your chance to get a free sample? Sorry, we are a small family business, so we had to limit the freebies to 50. However, you can still get a sample of Intox-Detox for only a few bucks shipping here...

*For about half the price of a glass of wine, at any restaurant or bar in America, you can protect your liver and avoid the misery of all the other ones you will have for the evening!

Stay #liverstrong!


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