Hangovers - A Real Occupational Hazard for Business Professionals

Beating Hangovers Can Make You More Productive

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Andy Bennett here, CEO/Founder of Intox-Detox. I got an email from a happy customer the other day, which always makes me smile. But it brought up a very good point and today I want to talk about something that gets swept under the rug a lot. Alcohol in business situations can become an occupational hazard.

Business professionals often feel that it is necessary to drink alcohol to woo potential clients, navigate competitive work environments and lubricate the social networking required to make it in the modern business world. Between networking happy hours, client dinners and traveling to trade shows, it adds up quickly! I've heard this from several people I know who work in the alcohol industry itself.

In my opinion, this problem is as old as time. I strongly believe that our modern society owes a great debt to alcohol for its role in social engagement. Obviously, alcohol can also be very detrimental. In the basest sense, many a child was conceived with a little help from the sacrament. To paraphrase, my comedian friend Sarah Tiana's joke...

"Every kiss does NOT begin with Kay. Most kisses begin with Miller Light!"

I guess these days, an IPA might be more accurate!

How many peace treaties, strategic royal engagements and weddings, trade deals and business partnerships throughout history began with a few drinks to "get to know each other"? I would guess that the answer is almost all of them.

In the documentary "How Beer Saved the World", they make a similar point. Alcohol may just be one of the essential pillars that led human civilizations to stop wandering, start domesticating animals, farming and building modern cities.

Point is that alcohol can be a very positive thing because it brings people together. 

Alcohol can also tear people and families apart. Alcoholism literally destroys a person from inside out right before your eyes. And, while no one would fault a recovering alcoholic for abstaining from a drink, it is entirely feasible that a working professional might get passed over for an account for which drinking socially would facilitate a business relationship.

I think of one of my favorite shows "Mad Men", where the Freddy Rumson character has an alcohol problem that craters his career in the Madison Avenue Advertising realm. By comparison, firm partners Don Draper and Roger Sterling are legendary for holding their booze and getting the job done. Are they successful despite the schmoozing and boozing or because of it? 

Bob's One-Month Experiment

Let's consider Bob M; the name is changed, but the story is 100% real. Bob is an Intox-Detox customer. He's a top sales manager and executive at a major Fortune 500 company.

Bob is middle-aged. He gets to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, time allowing. He has three kids, ranging in age from five to 15-years-old. He's very successful at his job, but it's stressful, requiring long hours and significant travel. Also, Bob's industry is very liberal when it comes to wining and dining the clientele. He often jokes that he gets paid to travel and drink full-time. And it's not far from the truth, since most of his job is managing client relationships. The problem was that his performance began to suffer after years of burning the candle at both ends.

A couple times a week, there are networking happy hours that generate new leads for his business. One or two times a month he travels to visit clients or to attend trade shows.

Ever been to a trade show? Let's put it this way: Intox-Detox loves trade shows because everyone is drinking all weekend. Yet, most of them have to wake up early and function at a high level all day long the next day. 

Bob's family life suffered. He had always made time for the kids, despite his insane schedule, but found himself lacking the energy.  He found he needed to take days off from work following business trips. Hangovers became a real occupational hazard for Bob. 

Hangovers as Occupational Hazard

Keep in mind, Bob is a moderate and very responsible social drinker. He knows his limits and it's not his first rodeo. I met Bob at a trade show in Las Vegas. We got to talking at the bar and I immediately identified with him.

I get unlimited free packs of Intox-Detox, so hangovers are not such a problem for me anymore. So, I gave Bob a whole box of Intox-Detox when I met him because he is the perfect test subject. Intox-Detox is not for binge drinkers or people addicted to alcohol. We created the product to help folks like Bob keep a balance between living life to the fullest and staying healthy. 

Personally, a big part of my balance is getting to the gym as frequently as possible. Intox-Detox helps me do that, even if I had a few drinks the night before.

Bob had a similar experience. The gym was his therapy, where he could get out of the office for an hour, burn some calories and keep fit and healthy despite his lifestyle.

Like me, Bob has kids. I only have the one, but I can't imagine tripling that number to three! Of course, Bob is married and has his wife to help. Due to his travel schedule, he often volunteers to take care of the kids when he's around the house, so she can get out with friends from time to time. 

Most people look at Intox-Detox as purely a liver detox and "hangover remedy" formula. However, the science behind our ingredients tells us that it also improves immune function, helps the body cope with stress, exhaustion and muscle soreness. 

I explained all of this to Bob and he said he would give it a shot for the next month. 

The Result?

Honestly, I was a little worried because I didn't hear much from Bob during the month. He is a busy guy... (Nothing distresses me more than when I hear that the product didn't help someone. It's rare, but occasionally it happens.) Then, the other day, I got an email from Bob. I was actually scared to read it, but was quickly glad I did.

Bob gave Intox-Detox a test run for a full month. He didn't change anything about his schedule. In fact, during the Holidays he added family and neighborhood holiday parties to his already swamped schedule. Sure, he got a few days off between Christmas and New Year's, but the rest of the month was pretty routine. His business ramps up during the winter season, so there's "no rest for the wicked", so to speak.

He also made it clear that he didn't drink any more or less alcohol than usual. Some people think Intox-Detox is like Dumbo's magic feather. They think just because they took a quality, clinically-proven supplement that they are suddenly impervious to hangovers and reality. I warned him about this the night we met. Many people over-drink, which means that no matter what they do, they are likely to get a hangover. Intox-Detox is dose dependent, so if you have a lot of drinks it can be very helpful to double up and take another pack from time to time.

I'll let his testimonial speak for itself, but in general Bob was happy to report that his energy levels were higher, he didn't suffer from any hangovers after client dinners and the office holiday party. He returned from his one business trip, feeling exhausted, but he bounced back quickly and didn't need to take time off of work to recover.

Even after dinner parties with friends and lots of wine, he has been the first one up with the kids, even getting outside to enjoy playing in the snow with his five-year-old. Bob is not only becoming one of our best customers, he is a true ambassador for the brand. He bought 4 boxes of Intox-Detox to take to an upcoming conference that he attends each February. 

In his own words

"Before Andy introduced me to Intox-Detox, I was seriously thinking about retiring from my job or taking a pay cut and working fewer hours. I'm only 45! That would have really disrupted our lifestyle. I make the majority of the family income and pride myself on the fact that my wife gets to pursue her passion for fine art and stay home for the children. Old-fashioned as it is, it's the way we like it. Now that I have Intox-Detox, I feel like I have an edge on the younger guys in my office. I watch them stroll in like the Walking Dead the morning after a client meeting and I have to laugh to myself. Maybe I'll share it with them soon. In the meantime, I landed three major accounts last month, resulting in a bonus that will allow my family to take the summer trip to Ireland and Italy we have been talking about for years. I even turned on one of my clients to Intox-Detox. He saw me with the pack at the bar after we closed a big deal. We stayed up way too late drinking scotch and shooting the sh*t - honestly that's the best part of my job - and the bonus was that we both felt fine the next morning. Intox-Detox is a lifesaver for anyone who has to keep up with a busy schedule. Especially, if a big part of that schedule is plying the clients with drinks on occasion. Some clients are insulted if you don't toast with them, especially the Europeans we deal with. Follow the instructions and mind the dose dependency. The more you drink, the more you have to take. And don't get too carried away; it's not a free pass. Other than that the best advice I can give you is to take it every time you drink. It's made a huge difference in my personal and professional life. Thanks, Intox-Detox."

Bottom Line:

I remember my life before we created Intox-Detox. Hangovers suck. There's no two ways about it. When used correctly, Intox-Detox is an incredible tool to help you enjoy a few drinks while protecting your liver and avoiding the misery of the next morning. In my opinion, life is all about balance. Intox-Detox helps me enjoy life without disrupting my ability to stay healthy and contribute positive energy to the world. Without Intox-Detox, I would never be able to do my job. Every one wants to see me have a few drinks to prove that I use the stuff and that it works as advertised.

My running joke is that I'm not just the Intox-Detox President, I'm also a client!

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