Das Best Oktoberfest in Baltimore, Maryland - An Intox-Detox Kinda Party!

Intox-Detox was Made for Oktoberfest

German beer, sexy girls (and guys) in lederhosen and Jagermeister punch...if it sounds like a match made in heaven for Intox-Detox, you couldn't be more right!

This past Saturday, Intox-Detox attended Das Best Oktoberfest in Baltimore, Maryland at the Raven's home M&T Bank Stadium. It was an awesome venue, well-suited for an amazing event. 

It was also the first outing for Intox-Detox in Baltimore. We had visited the city before for the Natural Products Expo East. They are no slouches when it comes to toasting a few cocktails, but this event was handmade for the seasoned craft and German beer enthusiast. 

Hangovers Suck! And So Does Negativity

With every new city come new friends, more names I'll never remember and quite a few skeptics. What can we say we kill them with kindness and try to spread joy everywhere we go. We'll also tell you where to go if you want to bring negativity to our booth. We enjoy talking about the clinically-proven science behind the product, but there will always be a few haters. And guess what? We don't need them and we don't want them. Intox-Detox is all about the love.

In this case, love came in the form of some pretty bad ass Jager Punch, handmade by yours truly. It was a fan favorite, so I guess we'll have to mix up some more when we make our glorious return next year.


Our booth also saw more than its share of beer pong. Unfortunately, I only got to play one stinkin' game! Oh, well, my job is winning hearts and minds with hospitality, giving away a few free drinks and delivering the most value possible to our customers and new friends.

By the way, my sister Kelly and I did win the only game we got to play together!

Shout out to some of the awesome breweries that were standouts to us at this event, including Honor Brewing Co, Hysteria, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel and Guinness (our neighbors for the event).

Thanks to Drink.Eat.Relax for putting on another cool event and inviting us to participate!

We are always on the lookout for cool new events to attend, so shoot us an email at info@intox-detox.com if you have any ideas.

In the meantime, grab a free sample of Intox-Detox here... (If you missed the bus and didn't do it already).

Only one per customer, so if you did already get one, buy more here...

Stay #liverstrong

Andy Bennett




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