5 Tips for Staying Hangover-Free

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5 Tips for Staying


"...the "Hangover Toxin" from alcohol, known as Acetaldehyde, is up to 30X more toxic than the beer, wine or liquor you originally drank."

1. Hydrate the right way before, during and after.

Pedialyte and sports drinks are not miracle beverages. The best way to hydrate is plain old H2O water. And don't forget that healthy food is also a great source of the water, vitamins and minerals needed to recover from dehydration. A beverage with added electrolyte minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous) can also be helpful before bed and upon waking the next morning. We like Ultima, which is a sugar-free natural powder stick that you can mix with water to help replace the electrolytes.

2. Have a pre-game meal.

There's a reason why it's a tradition in the Mediterranean to chug a shot of olive oil before going out drinking. Gross as it may sound, the healthy fats slow down alcohol absorption, giving your liver more time to cope. Choose foods loaded with natural detoxifiers like L-Glutathione, B vitamins, electrolytes and healthy fats. Snacking on carbs also seems to help a lot too.

3. Choose drinks wisely.

Any alcoholic drink can give you a hangover. Avoid excess sugars, which make hangovers worse. Stick to one kind of drink for the night (or 2 at most). Lighter colored liquor drinks can be better because they have fewer congeners. Liquor before beer. Avoid your "cryptonite". You know what it is, so if it makes you feel bad, don't drink it!

4. Flame off.

Alcohol causes an incredible amount of inflammation in our bodies. Battle inflammation with natural herbal solutions, such as Ibuactin. Some people take OTC pain medications like aspirin or ibuprofen. While these can be highly effective, they put too much stress on the stomach and liver for our taste.

5. Dr. Ethanol and Mr. Aldehyde.

It's a fun little play on words, but it illustrates one of the most important factors: the "Hangover Toxin" from alcohol, known as Acetaldehyde, is up to 30X more toxic than the beer, wine or liquor you originally drank. Side effects of the toxin include nausea, headache and vomiting. Ding, ding, ding! Sounds like a hangover. Acetaldhyde is the reason that it takes so long to feel better because our livers have to recover the ability to break it down before we can feel better. Good news! Products containing a clinical amount of Japanese Raisin (DHM) help the body with the specific liver enzymes needed. Our product Intox-Detox contains both Japanese Raisin and Setria L-Glutathione, both proven to help protect the liver and avoid the misery of the next morning. They do it by improving liver detox and helping to neutralize the damaging Acetaldehyde.

Protect your liver & avoid the misery

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Is there a social drinker out there who has never suffered from a nasty HANGOVER?

The whole idea behind INTOX-DETOX is being proactive. We call it PRECOVERY. Give your body the clinically proven ingredients to BOTH protect your liver and help avoid the MISERY of the morning after a few drinks.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have the time of your life tonight and feel like a million bucks tomorrow? That's why our founder, Andy Bennett, partnered with the best formulator in the world to create INTOX-DETOX as the world's leading all-natural Alcohol Detox and Recovery Formula.

"PRECOVERY means taking a proactive approach to healthier drinking to Detox, Recover & Protect your body before the damage is done. Your liver will thank you later and you'll feel much better tomorrow. Guaranteed."

— Andy Bennett, CEO/Founder of INTOX-DETOX

The LA Times Tried Our Product!

Intox-Detox is a revolution in all-natural hangover remedy solutions. Whereas other companies skimp on the ingredients, we only use clinically proven and clinically dosed Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutraceuticals.

While the competitors fill their products with electrolytes, B vitamins and random antioxidants, Intox-Detox specifically targets the "Hangover Toxin" Acetaldehyde at the liver level. That means breaking down alcohol's toxins up to 65% faster and protecting your precious liver in the process.

When the Los Angeles Times interviewed our Founder Andy Bennett, they inquired about the moral implications of a product that works so well! What's to stop everyone from drinking alcohol all the time, if there are not so many painful consequences? The answer is simple. Intox-Detox is not magic, it's science. It's an incredible tool for moderate, health-conscious social drinkers who want to balance staying healthy with living life to the fullest.

Yes, it's an amazing product, but Intox-Detox is NOT an excuse to binge drink. Please drink responsibly and always get a sober ride.

"When the Los Angeles Times interviewed our Founder Andy Bennett, they inquired about the moral implications of a product that works so well!"

During Bennett's 10-year career in the supplement industry, as a manager with the Vitamin Shoppe and a freelance researcher/writer with LIVESTRONG.COM, he had seen many so-called "miracle" supplements come and go. "Very few ingredients are truly experiential like Japanese Raisin," says Bennett. "That means you literally FEEL it from the very first serving. Aside from caffeine and creatine, there is almost nothing that safely works as quickly and noticeably as Japanese Raisin Extract. "

Having started the company at age 34, Bennett had seen his share of hangovers. He laments that they really got bad right around age 30. Even a few beers out with friends suddenly left him groggy and hurting the next morning. Then, empowered with Intox-Detox, he could even make it to the gym the next day after a night out. "It changed everything for me. And suddenly we were off on a tour of America to spread the word and give away samples of Intox-Detox to anyone willing to try it," says Bennett.

Since then, they have experimented with creating liver protective craft beer, energy drinks and even low-sugar, all-natural cocktail mixes - all infused with the Intox-Detox blend. Next up, they plan to create a daily maintenance liver health supplement and bring all of these new ground-breaking products to market.

The goals has always been the same, says Bennett, helping to create a better tomorrow for health conscious people with break-the-mold, convenient and functional food products, enhanced with safe clinically proven herbs, Super Foods and nutraceuticals.

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"No one in the marketplace was addressing the root cause of the worst after effects of alcohol consumption, the toxic metabolite of alcohol Acetaldehyde," says Bennett. "When I saw the incredible research behind Japanese Raisin Extract (containing DHM), I knew we were on to something. The science made sense, but it had to be tested in the real world. Lo and behold, it worked like a charm. We tested it on our 'spirited' Irish family, and we quickly realized that if it worked for us, it could work for anyone!"

About the Author

Our founder, Andy Bennett, created Intox-Detox because he couldn't find anything on the market that actually addressed the root cause of hangovers with real science. He researched the problem for over 10 years before developing Intox-Detox with friend and award-winning supplement formulator Geoff Palmer.


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