Every once in a while our team reads an article that is so spot on that we just have to share. In this case it’s VinePair.com and their recent article The Official Guide to Day Drinking Like a Pro and Still Making it Out at Night. And what day would be better than Sunday Funday to give some real scientific analysis on the fine art of DAY DRINKING?

It’s not our first rodeo! Here at Intox-Detox we have done our share of day drinking. And we’ve probably made every mistake in the mistake book – yeah that’s a thing. Between Stagecoach, beer fests like Treasure Coast, trips to Ireland, Nascar races like Talladega, the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas and all of our other adventures creating and promoting Intox-Detox, we’ve seen and done it all.

Of course, our biggest concern these days is protecting the body and avoiding a miserable morning the day after. Day drinking is like the perfect storm for a wicked HANGOVER. By adding Intox-Detox to the equation you can get an even better result than using VinePair’s tips alone.

Because we like to go the extra mile to teach you how to keep balance in your life while having some fun, we are going a few steps further. We’re going to offer some tips and tricks for avoiding the hangover while also keeping it all low-calorie so you don’t wreck your diet in the process. Here we go…

No Liquor?

This was VP’s first tip and we don’t entirely agree. Our tip would be no straight liquor, which they sort of alluded to as well. It’s true that liquor is far more concentrated, but we like the versatility liquor offers. Your daytime cocktails should not be as stiff as the ones you make in the evening. It’s about longevity; it’s a marathon not a sprint. Make a pitcher of a beverage that’s a little lighter on the alcohol and let your friends and family add extra if they feel the need. Also, you can start with liquor and then move on to a light beer should the day drinking ware on longer than expected. “Beer before liquor, never sicker” is a real thing. The carbonation from the beer makes subsequent liquor infusions get absorbed QUICKER, making you SICKER. A downshift from liquor to beer in a pinch can make all the difference in the world and may solve a few other problems in the process (more to come on that). The sugar-free or low-sugar cocktail is the way to go. For one, sugars add up if you’re drinking margaritas, mojitos or daiquiris all day long. That’s a hell of a lot of extra calories and the sugar can make your hangover way worse. The best way to do this is to check out Zevia.com for awesome low and no-sugar cocktail recipes.

Counting and Buddy System

Counting drinks is not a terrible idea. Nor is sticking with a buddy to make sure that you don’t overdo it. As long as the buddy system doesn’t actually cause one of you to drink more, in trying to “keep up”. However, the number one mistake we see during drinking, at all times of the day, is failing to hydrate. So, we think that the buddy system should focus on a pact to drink a water between each alcoholic beverage. Count waters, not drinks.

Avoid Dehydration

Two more very good points made by VP were the importance of drinking water, mentioned above, and remaining vigilant about sun exposure. Sweating while drinking will accelerate dehydration and cause a significant loss of electrolytes. Why not make your “water pact” a coconut water party between each drink. Or consider incorporating naturally hydrating ingredients into your cocktails. Think banana daiquiris or coconut water ice cubes (easy to make and add tropical flavor to your drinks).

Also, as much as we love craft beer, day drinking might not be the right time for it. Don’t be afraid of super-low-cal beers like Miller 64, Bud Select 55 and our favorite Beck’s Light 64. Sure, most are watered down versions of their higher-cal counterparts, but remember that this is a marathon. Beer contains a lot more water than liquor cocktails or wine. That can help keep you better hydrated. These beers are also lower-alcohol, which in day drinking world is a good thing. You will still catch a good buzz, but you’ll do it while hydrating and avoiding passing out face down in the sand.

Do Something

Here’s an important tip we think they left out… Don’t make drinking the activity. Get involved in things to distract you from drinking. Perfect example: our friends were partying on the beach and we started playing an awesome game called Beersbee. The game is simple to set up. You need four thin uprights, like the orange parking sticks that you buy for $2 each at Home Depot, as well as a frisbee and four red Solo cups.

Stick two of the uprights into the ground or sand about 1 to 1.5 feet apart (hint: so a frisbee can fit through). Now pace out the distance between horse shoe pegs or Cornhole boards, further if you want a more challenging game. Set the other two uprights. Place a Solo cup brim down over each of the uprights so that they dangle in the wind. Grab a frisbee and 3 friends, each with a beer. Make teams of two. You stand next to your upright or “goal” and try to throw the fribee through the other team’s uprights. There are a few ways to score. If you get the “bee” through the uprights you get 3 points. However if it goes through and the other team catches it before it hits the ground, they steal those points and you get nothing. The other way to score? When the “bee” inevitably strikes an upright, the Solo cups on them will go flying. Knock one off and you get 1 point. If the other team catches the cup before it hits the ground, they steal that 1 point. Play to 15 or 21 or 301, whatever floats your boat. Before long  you’ll be diving on the ground and looking pretty ridiculous to passers-by.

Point is, it’s not conducive to holding a beer. You will have to put it down a good distance away. Not saying you shouldn’t just chill on a towel at the beach or chair by the pool, but activities do shift your focus from binge drinking. Just make sure to increase water intake even more if you are doing physical activities.

Eat Up

We all know that we should eat, but somehow we always forget.  Some calorie-conscious folks are too paranoid to eat anything while drinking. For one, many of us make terrible food choices when drinking alcohol. Secondly, others (especially females) think that they should choose booze or food calories and never the twain shall meet. Well, that’s a huge mistake. Not only will a few calories slow down the absorption of alcohol, some foods will even help you to avoid a hangover. (Read an article about that here…) Some good suggestions are deviled eggs, fruits and veggies, lean proteins and/or nuts and seeds. These are relatively easy to transport and will help keep you in the game. We like guacamole, salsa, veggies trays and shrimp.


For prolonged drinking, we strongly encourage our customers to use more than one pack of Intox-Detox. One pack is great for a night out or a dinner where you share a few bottles of wine with friends. When you hit the beach or a music festival for an all day “sesh”, you are giving your liver a significantly more difficult challenge. Try 1 pack per 6 hours of boozing. Are we saying this to sell more of our product? No. We just want to make sure that you get the results you want. Is it safe? Yes, Intox-Detox is very safe, which the human safety data confirms. The ingredients are dose-dependent, meaning that they work better in higher amounts, up to a point. When you reach about 3 packs of Intox-Detox in a day, you are not going to get much if any additional benefit from a 4th package. Are we saying you should drink all day long? No, but many people do it, so we wanted to address that eventuality.

Our recommendation: Take 1 pack of Intox-Detox before you start drinking and an additional pack when you are ready to call it quits.

Day Turns into Night

Still thinking of going out at night after a day of drinking? We advise that this might be a little excessive, but if you’re going to do it anyway we might as well address it. Not judging – maybe you have a barbecue to attend daytime and an important event to hit nighttime on the same day. We all have busy schedules; it happens. You definitely want to take VP’s advice and get a nap in. Even a 40 to 60 minute power nap can make a huge difference. Before you hit the town, make sure to get in a good meal. Include the types of foods mentioned above, with an emphasis on healthy fats, which help to slow down alcohol absorption. We like a steak salad with avocado, asparagus, egg, spinach, tomato and drizzled in a little olive oil. That’s a meal packed with alcohol-fighting ingredients and healthy fats. Make sure to re-hydrate before you re-emerge into the world.

If you make it a big night out, you might even consider a 3rd pack of Intox-Detox before bed, you party animal!

With these tips and the help of our incredible Intox-Detox formula, you should be able to get away with your Sunday Funday, while protecting your liver and avoiding the misery of the next morning. You’re welcome!

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