To Day-Drink or Not to Day-Drink?

Hilarious. I sought out to actually write some kind of meaningful response, but they make so many great points about day-drinking. Most of the time it ends up as a disaster, especially when you get “old enough to know better”. Whenever that is supposed to happen in life. Is it 25? 30? I’m way past thirty and I’m not quite there yet.

Granted, I’m not picking up my kids or going to work drunk. These days cops are so militarized against drunk drivers, as they rightfully should be, that I’m terrified to even have one beer and drive anywhere. My parents used to regale us with tales of being pulled over while drinking and driving in high school only to have the local Barney Fife-esque cop tell them to “Go straight home now, ya hear! Or I’ll tell your parents”. It was a simpler world then and it’s way too easy to get caught. Not to mention, you could go to jail or end up really hurting someone.

But really, don’t we all have that amazing day-drinking story that we really can’t actually remember? So accurate! Even if we can’t really remember anything that happened, besides getting naked, the myth of the magical day-drink is so strong that we all get lured back into the danger zone.

Not to mention, as a 7-year Stagecoach alum, I can totally relate to the Coachella comments. Stagecoach is the country music version of the Coachella rock concert in Indio, in the middle of the California desert. You camp out for 3 or 4 days straight drinking your face off and end up eating one hot dog and a few chips over the whole stretch of time. By the last day, a few sips of beer would get you wasted. Still though, they were magical days with our Stagecoach crew back then. It’s getting harder and harder to get back there, what with kids and jobs and trying to feign adulthood.

Then there’s the exploits of the Boxing Day crew in Reston, Virginia. There we take a British holiday on the day after Christmas and turn it into an all day sesh, complete with Power Hours and an impromptu bar crawl. So much for adulthood.

I think what day-drinking really holds for all of us is the promise of simpler times. It’s a call back to younger days when we didn’t have so much stuff to worry about. And it’s the one-day vacation everyone needs once in a while.

If you can’t lie one a Mexican beach by pristine waters and sip margaritas while listening to steel drum bands (am I mixing my metaphors like I do my day-drinks?), then why not just take the day off with a few friends and hit the local hole in the wall for an epic day of wasted money that you’ll never remember?

As long as you Uber and tip your bartender all is fair in love (apologizing to your spouse) and war (the fight it will cause later).

At the very least, you can take some Intox-Detox so that your day-drinking session won’t turn into the 48-hour hangover from Hell after the fact.

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Stay #LIVERSTRONG my friends!

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