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Why the Intox-Detox Sample Program is Ending

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Intox-Detox started as a concept on paper, inspired by the genius of a biochemist and friend of CEO Andy Bennett. A little research led to a collaboration with one of the smartest people developing supplements today, Geoff Palmer of Clean Machine (he has an amazing company with science-based Vegan sports supplements – by the way Intox-Detox is Vegan too!). We knew that formula worked on paper because it was backed by incredible human clinical studies.  But no one involved could have imagined just how amazingly effective the Intox-Detox formula would turn out to be. Our goal was to revolutionize the Alcohol Detox and Recovery industry.

However, as a new company in a market full of pretenders and ineffective products, we knew we had to prove ourselves. That is why we offered Intox-Detox samples to 10,000 people. Sure, we had to charge a $2.50 shipping fee. We are a small family business and we have to keep the lights on. Our vision was that anyone in America could try a sample of Intox-Detox for less than the cost of a beer at any bar. We don’t pull any punches. Anyone unwilling to spend a couple bucks on protecting their liver and alleviating the misery of the morning after drinking alcohol probably wouldn’t be our customer no matter what.

It’s been over a year since we started the free sample program and we have given away close to 20,000 samples across America, way more than our stated goal of 10,000. In the meantime, we’ve been to almost every major city in the country, to music festivals, beer fests, wine tastings, bars, night clubs, the World Series of Beer Pong, Nitro Circus shows, Spring Break and NASCAR races. We even became a sponsor for the #32 Go Green Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race team. We have come a long way. And we have proven ourselves and our amazing product time and time again every where we have gone with customer satisfaction in the 99th percentile.

The next step is a nationwide push into retail locations including convenience stores, gas stations, vitamin and supplement locations, bars, breweries and grocery markets. We are keeping good on our promise to our loyal customers so that you can buy Intox-Detox at your corner store or wherever you should choose to shop. We have seen your emails and calls, begging us to come to your local area and we are coming. It has already begun. Please help us do this by educating your local retailers about the product and requesting that they carry Intox-Detox on their shelves.

As always, you get incredible discount pricing by ordering via the website. Most locations in the continental United States receive their Intox-Detox orders within 3-4 business days.  However, we understand that sometimes you have a night out and you need the product now. You might not even know you are going out tonight, but something fun comes up and you don’t want to suffer tomorrow. We get it. This is a product created for responsible alcohol consumers by an Irish family who have tipped a few drinks in our day as well.

BAD NEWS: The free sample program is ending soon.

GOOD NEWS: You have until February 14, 2016 to go here to the Free Sample page and get your Intox-Detox pack mailed to you for only $2.50.

Also, because we love our customers we are extending a new deal  for those who want to try Intox-Detox, but have not yet seen the product in their local stores. For only $4.99, the full price of one serving of the product, we will send you a pack. Bonus: we are covering the shipping. So, if you arrived too late for the free sample deal, head over here and add 1 serving to cart to try Intox-Detox without having to pay any shipping.

Click here to grab that free sample before it’s too late…

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Intox-Detox Team

PS: Lastly, keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for additional discounts on Intox-Detox. You may find some seasonal free sample offers there. But it will be a lot like the storied McRib sandwich; those offers will be few and far between, so if you catch one do take advantage of it immediately.

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