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On a Quest for an All Natural Hangover Remedy?

AB here – the CEO and Founder of Intox-Detox. Every once in a while I like to wax philosophical by publishing a little mini-rant on our blog. Today’s is focused on a few things that are bugging me. There’s an elephant in the room. Actually, there are several; and they are getting hard to ignore. The more I avoid calling attention to them, the more they put on elaborate interpretative dances to distract attention from the good work that Intox-Detox is trying to do. I know; I’m being very vague right now. So, what am I talking about? I’m about to get there.

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1. Essential Versus Helpful Hangover Remedies

For a long time I have been trying to put into words this point; it’s hard for people to decide what dietary supplements they should take. You can’t take everything. Trust me I tried that. It’s too expensive. And to my shock and horror, when I stopped taking all the “build muscle” supplements entirely, my results didn’t change that much.

When it comes to supplements, there is a major difference between what is “essential” and what is just “helpful”. Goals differ widely. People are different too. Yes, we all have unique biochemistry; and a natural substance – like Japanese raisin for example – will affect one person differently than the next. However, we are all 99% genetically the same and statistically we can expect a mean average result across a large enough group of people. That’s why we do human clinical trials in the dietary supplement industry.

If you want to achieve good results (whatever the goal), it’s critical to have good information, based on good science. There’s plenty of bad science masquerading as real science. Intox-Detox didn’t pay for our studies. We lucked out. The research was already done for us by a third party. We were just smart enough to recognize an opportunity. Unlike a little (massive) company called Himalaya. They have a similar product called Party Smart. Their “science” was done in India, was not published or peer-reviewed and mostly based on questionnaires. They also paid for their “science”. When you pay for it, you expect a certain result; and you’ll get the result you want no matter the price. Our science guy Geoff Palmer looked at their “research” and one of the only studies that measured blood levels of anything actually showed an increase in acetaldehyde – the biological target for helping to avoid feeling terrible the day after you drink.

I use the word “hangover” cautiously because the FDA considers it a disease. The FDA likes us to be diseased because they get big kickbacks from all the new drugs that are necessary to treat all of our many “diseases”. Hangovers are no more a disease than the act of shivering. Shivering is a symptom of being cold. Hangovers – the by product of acutely poisoning yourself with ethanol, most specifically its metabolite in the liver – acetaldehyde. Products like Party Smart contain things that are helpful. This is not a full scale attack on them – they have great herbal products. Why the FDA doesn’t crack down on Himalaya for calling themselves a “drug” company, I will never know. They formulated their hangover remedy product as a 1-pill dietary supplement that supposedly does the same thing as Intox-Detox. It contains 250 milligrams of material. Compare that to our 3+ grams of material. I’m not saying more is better; but I know for a fact that accurate is better. Good science is better than bad. Our science says there’s a certain amount of Japanese raisin needed to achieve the result we want. So we use that amount.

Knowing what I now know, from experience and the published science, Japanese raisin is as close to “essential’ as you can get if your goal is to break down acetaldehyde. The 6 ingredients sprinkled into the 1-capsule dose of Party Smart might be helpful, but based on the science, they are nowhere near essential. I will say with no qualification that any product formulated to address hangovers that does not contain Japanese raisin is total BS. Sure, B vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and milk thistle are all helpful. But based on this goal, recovering from a night out drinking, they are nowhere near essential. You can easily get B vitamins from food, for example. You can hydrate with water. Milk thistle is a great supplement; don’t get me wrong. It just takes a lot of time to work. With Japanese raisin, you take it today and feel a difference by tomorrow.

That’s powerful. The elephant in the room is that there are companies trying to do what we are doing, but they can’t because…

2. They Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us

The first trade show where I bumped into Himalaya and Party Smart was in Orlando. I like a little friendly competition, so I walked right up to them and introduced myself. I gave them samples of Intox-Detox. Their marketing reps said something like “Oh, we see what you’re trying to do with this product. We’re doing the same thing.” I asked to see their “human clinical trials” and of course they could not provide them. “We’re just marketing reps”. It was pass the buck stuff. I seriously doubt they have even read their own research, which is really just bad, bought-and-paid-for science anyway. Am I afraid that someone will copy my formula and put Japanese raisin into their product? Yes and no.

First of all, it’s bloody expensive to do it right. I don’t think anyone else has the cajones to spend the money to use clinically proven amounts of the highest quality ingredients on the market. That’s my gamble and it’s one that I have to live with. I chose to make less money and create a quality product that works. And even if they do copy us, what does it matter? Among snake oil sales people and charlatans, we are offering a product that really works and has real science to back it.

And if you come to an event and bump into Intox-Detox, you will meet me. Mr. Intox-Detox. Or, at the very least, you will meet my sister or my mom. We are a family owned business. We stand behind our product. And we drink. We’ll most likely be toasting a few with you. Needless to say, I have never met Mr. Himalaya or his shady mistress Miss Party Smart – only a bunch of marketing reps who don’t know anything and have no answers to give. I guess we should be so lucky as to grow so large as a company that nobody can get a straight answer from us at a trade show and yet people just buy it and swallow the lie hook line and sinker. I don’t want to be a company like that. I want you to see my face and I want you to ask hard questions. I will do my best to answer them. And if I can’t, I will refer you to someone who can.

A woman actually got in my face at a bar yesterday, telling me how shady I am. Giving pills out at bars is “creepy” and she wouldn’t let her daughter take my product. What can I say? Exactly what I did say – then don’t take the product. It’s not for everyone. I wasn’t forcing the pills down anyone’s throat. Sure, if I go to a bar I always take some Intox-Detox with me. It’s just good networking. If someone asks me what I do, and I tell them, they are going to expect me to give them samples of Intox-Detox. That’s just the reality I live in. I am a walking billboard and I’m always on the clock – my cross to bear.

If you know me, you know that I’m the worst salesman ever. I never push the product on anyone. If anything, I am constantly being hounded to answer questions and give away free stuff. And I comply because it’s just good business. Here’s a woman who gets in my face about a product I’m giving away for free. Her rant was inspired by a few too many beers. I’m not judging because I’ve been there. However, a person indulging in one of the most abused drugs on the planet who is trying to preach to me about how my all-natural supplement is “shady” – well, there are words for people like that. And I will keep them to myself.

After all, I was  only trying to enjoy a couple of craft beers at my local bar because I won a $10 gift card playing beer pong weeks prior. Oh, and not to mention the fact that we created a product based on real science that protects your liver from the drug you are guzzling like it’s going out of style, all the while ranting about how I should be ashamed of myself for trying to help people for free. Haters going to hate.

Like I said, they hate us because they ain’t us. And if you don’t “get it”, what Intox-Detox is all about, then feel free to go on living your life. But I don’t need to hear about it. You do you and I’ll do me. Church.

3. What is Moderation?

In the spirit of addressing the efficacy of Intox-Detox, let’s talk about the other elephant in the room. After giving out close to 15,000 samples across the country I can honestly say that we have an anecdotal success rate of 99.999999%.

Yet, there have been a handful of people for whom Intox-Detox has not “worked”. Of course I will say that it’s an all-natural, herbal hangover remedy product and you can’t expect it to work exactly the same for everyone. While this is true, it’s also a dodge. I take full responsibility for the product. That’s why the first thing I do when someone gets in my face about how “it didn’t work” is to apologize. I said it above and I stick to it that we are all genetically almost identical and the mean experience of a person taking our product, based on the science, should be about the same. In any data set however there are always outliers. It is not my goal to explain them away, but to figure them out and learn about how we can make the product even better.

One such person, who claimed Intox-Detox did not “work”, drank a bakers dozen plus of Long Island Iced Teas. That’s definitely not MODERATION. I do some drinking, but even I wouldn’t EVER attempt to do something that stupid. That’s enough booze to kill an elephant. Which certainly wouldn’t help me with the elephants in my room!

To get to the point, one person’s “moderation” may differ from the next. Who’s to say what is the “right” amount to drink or not drink for that matter. It’s a personal choice. A linebacker can probably handle a few more beers than a super model or a ballerina. I would never encourage anyone to binge drink or treat alcohol with anything but the serious respect and caution it requires. That being said, there is really good research that shows drinkers may benefit from using more than one package of Intox-Detox in a day. Again, I’m not promoting over-drinking.

Drink or don’t drink whatever you want; that’s one of your freedoms as an American over the age of 21. Personally, I like to lie on the beach or by the pool, preferably in Mexico, and drink beer all day when I’m on vacation. If that’s you too and you know that you will be drinking more than usual, you can actually take multiple packs of Intox-Detox. There is one study showing that the equivalent of 3 packs is very efficacious. Any more than that and you probably won’t get any further benefit.

The safety testing is clear on these ingredients; you can take large amounts without negative effects. Of course, I always have to qualify that statement by urging you to consult with your doctor and read labels carefully. Don’t sue a brother for trying to help you protect your liver and feel okay the morning after your night out.

My personal rule of thumb is to take a package of Intox-Detox for every 4 or 5 drinks, or every 4 or 5 hours, whichever comes first. Also, for those who enjoy liquor like I do, it can be helpful to take more than one package. Obviously it  goes without saying that liquor is a more concentrated form of alcohol and can make you intoxicated quicker, speeding up the rate with which you accumulate the poison we are targeting, known as acetaldehyde. My advice for big liquor drinkers is to take a package before your first drink and another before bed.

That’s all for this edition. I just wanted to keep it real and address some of the dancing elephants in the room. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at

To a better tomorrow,

Andy Bennett

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