Hangover-Busting E-Book Published on Amazon

Intox-Detox CEO/Founder Andy Bennett here – thanks for choosing to learn a little more about my Amazon E-book. It goes for $2.99 right here… But I am about to give you a copy for free. That’s just how I treat the people in my inner circle.

It won’t be the first time I’ve been paid for my writing…

You may or may not know this about me, but I used to be a paid screenwriter. I’ve been known to scribble some words down. And even get paid for it from time to time. Aside from writing poetry, screenplays and a fitness book, I used to grind it out researching fitness, nutrition and supplements for and other websites — over 1000 articles published by your truly. In fact, that is what inspired me to research hangovers and start my very own supplement company.

On to the book…

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The Hangover-Busting Cheat Sheet

Probably the most valuable part of this little book is a cheat sheet with 7 very basic and simple tips. I boiled it down to a handful of tactics, backed by real  science, that will help your body detox, recover and protect itself from the damaging effects of alcohol. Don’t underestimate the power of these tips, despite their simplicity. Like Einstein said:

“If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein

While the cheat sheet may seem like common sense, the truth is that almost no one follows the simple guidelines that will help them eliminate the majority of the side effects of a few too many drinks. Some will say that you should just drink less, which is fair. However, many people can get a hangover from only a few drinks, due to age, gender, genetics or exposure to other chemical toxins. Let’s check the moral judgments at the door. We are only trying to help. Obviously, moderation is always the best choice.

So, you can download the book and print the cheat sheet to take along when you head out for a fun night. Use it like a checklist to make sure you have covered all your bases.

The Hateful 8

The second, and longer part of the book is some analysis of the main 8 causes of hangovers. While the after effects of alcohol are still not completely understood, science has come a long way. More study is required, but our research and the Intox-Detox product are leading the way.

For each of the major physiological factors involved in a hangover, I break down the basic science and tell you what exactly you can do about it. For example, pretty much everyone understands that dehydration is PART of the hangover response. However, it’s nowhere near the whole story. But what is the very best way to deal with it? If you answered with “pedialyte or Gatorade”, you’re not too far off, but we have some even better suggestions.

Most of the tips in the “boring” section are echoed in the cheat sheet. For those with an intellectual curiosity for how hangovers work, the cheat sheet might be worth reading. If not, just follow the 7 steps and your 90% of the way.

Also, I share some of the intimate details about how I came to start Intox-Detox. For those who don’t know me well personally, it may seem like I’m just some party animal who doesn’t want to grow up.

I guess that is half-true. But I’m also a very health-conscious person, a former soccer player and power lifter who works out regularly. I also really enjoy helping people. The stated mission of my company has always been to help people balance having fun with staying healthy.

What You Will Learn:

  • The top 8 causes of hangovers – I mean it when I say that most doctors and nurses don’t even know this stuff. They dedicate their lives to saving people, which I admire deeply. We need people like that. They simply do not have the time to spend 10 years researching something as silly as hangovers. I get the most passionate resistance on Intox-Detox from these people. They are also the greatest brand ambassadors when they experience the magic of our product!
  • 7-step cheat sheet – This walks you through my simple 7 steps that help to protect your body from alcohol and not feel so terrible in the morning. It’s not just about having a “get out of jail free card”, as the LA Times called it when they reviewed Intox-Detox. It’s about drinking moderately, planning ahead responsibly, preventing damage to your body and being productive the next day so you can continue making positive contributions to the world. That’s why we use #BETTERTOMORROW in our social media posts.
  • The Doctors TV show recommends… – One of our ingredients was featured on this popular health-conscious TV show. It’s a special antioxidant that our body makes. However, with age, toxin exposure and/or illness our bodies need more. It’s known as the MASTER ANTIOXIDANT in the body; and it’s intimately involved in liver detox. Eating foods high in this magical ingredient and its precursors (raw materials the body uses to make it) helps to protect the body and prevent feeling terrible the next morning.
  • Hangover-busting meal – I recommend a specific set of nutrients that can really help your body BEFORE the damage is done. Waiting until the next morning, for a big plate of greasy food is not the answer. The key lies in what you eat before, during and immediately after (before bed) drinking. My suggestion in the book is delicious, healthy and easy to find at any restaurant.
  • Supplements, including Intox-Detox – Sure, we recommend Intox-Detox; we are a business after all. But why would I go the extra mile to provide all of this valuable liver-detox and protection information if all I wanted to do was make money? I am genuinely passionate about your liver health and overall well being. Hence our #LIVERSTRONG hashtag. That’s why I also recommend other support nutrients, foods, spices and supplements. However, you don’t need to be a “pill-popper” to get the benefits. I recommend simple solutions and hacks to get the most benefit with the most convenience and the least $$$ spent.

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