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The “Condom for Your Liver”?

It sounds funny, but we have always imagined Intox-Detox as THE CONDOM FOR YOUR LIVER for one simple reason. Going though the extensive clinical research, we found that the main ingredients actually protect your liver while your enjoying a few drinks. Sure, our formula will help you feel better, faster the morning after you drink. However, we felt it was our responsibility to not just provide a “quick fix”, but to communicate and educate the public about liver health and give social drinkers a tool to help them proactively avoid both the MISERY of the morning after while also protecting one of their most important internal organs. That’s why we are partnering with the American Liver Foundation to spread the word and to improve the lives of health-minded individuals trying to maintain that delicate balance between living life to the fullest and staying healthy.

How Does Intox-Detox Work?

A lot of people out there think HANGOVERS are really just dehydration; and that’s part of the truth. But it’s not the whole truth. Dehydration and the handful of other physiological effects from drinking alcohol are pretty easily managed with basic things you have around the house. For example, mild dehydration needs only pure H2O to fix and typically is not severely debilitating. It’s one specific TOXIC CHEMICAL from alcohol that lingers in the body and causes most of the worst side effects, including nausea, headache, vomiting and lying around on the couch all day!

To understand why we get hangovers and what Intox-Detox does to help, we have to take in a quick chemistry lesson on how the liver works. Listen, I’m no fan of chemistry either. But understanding this simple process puts you in the top 1% of non-medical professionals. Even many people in the medical field don’t fully understand this process, unless they treat liver disease specifically. I promise it will be relatively painless.

The 2-Stage Process for Alcohol Metabolism

Once absorbed into the bloodstream, ethanol or alcohol becomes a burden for the liver. Alcohol is not metabolized like proteins, carbs and fats in the digestive tract. Rather, it is oxidized in the liver by a pretty simple 2-step process. Let’s look at it step-by-step and then we’ll review to see where Intox-Detox comes in to do it’s magic.

Step 1: Alcohol + ADH Liver Enzyme = *Acetaldehyde

Step 2: Acetaldehyde + ALDH2 Liver Enzyme + Glutathinone = Acetate, water and CO2

Pretty simple right. The takeaway points are that our livers convert the mildly toxic Ethanol (alcohol) into the EXTREMELY TOXIC Acetaldehyde, which then turns into harmless Acetate. And the liver enzymes ADH and ALDH2 are the rate-limiting factors for making this chemical reaction happen. Acetaldehyde lingers in the body because we simply do not have enough of these liver enzymes to keep the detox process going swiftly.

So, we suffer until our bodies can process all of the Acetaldehyde. The faster we go from deadly Acetaldehyde to harmless Acetate, the better we will feel, and quicker to boot. As a side note, Glutathione is the amino acid and antioxidant that binds Acetaldehyde and helps protect the body from its damaging, free radical properties. Free radicals are the nasties that roam the body damaging cells and their DNA. Remember that as we get to exactly how Intox-Detox works.

Intox-Detox contains the only 2 ingredients clinically proven to BOTH protect the liver and help avoid the MISERY of the morning after, when taken BEFORE drinking alcohol. Those substances are Japanese Raisin Extract and Setria L-Glutathione (there it is again!). Let’s look a little closer at each.

JAPANESE RAISIN EXTRACT – All-natural herb from Traditional Chinese Medicine that is clinically proven in humans to help metabolize alcohol and its toxic byproduct ACETALDEHYDE. It is thought that the mechanism of action is increasing the amount of ADH and ALDH2 liver enzymes produced by the body, allowing the toxins to be broken down up to 65% faster. Japanese Raisin also contains potent antioxidants that may help balance the body, fight inflammation and protect the liver.

SETRIA L-GLUTATHIONE – Setria is a patented ingredient that is clinically proven in a human research to increase Glutathione levels in the body by up to 35%. There are really two benefits to increasing Glutathione levels in the body when drinking alcohol. Glutathione is directly involved in breaking down the “hangover toxin” ACETALDEHYDE. However, it also binds the toxins to protect the body until they can be broken down and eliminated. In addition, Gluathione was called the body’s “Master Antioxidant” by the Doctors TV show’s experts. It is important for immune function, healthy aging and daily detox of many internal systems.

In addition, Intox-Detox contains support ingredients Korean Red Panax Ginseng and Green Tea Leaf Powder. Many view these ingredients as natural energy and/or fat-burning supplements. However, they were selected for this formula specifically because preliminary research has shown that they may help the body detox, recover and protect from the damaging effects of alcohol. In fact, Panax Ginseng is the main ingredient in a liquor produced in South Korea whose distillers (and consumers) claim does not cause hangovers at all.

Intox-Detox is currently packaged as a convenient blister pack of pills that can be taken prior to or during alcohol consumption. However, we are currently developing a line of beers containing our proprietary blend, as well as an energy shooter, energy drink and iced tea product.

Intox-Detox retails for only $3.99 a serving at local bars, breweries, wineries and convenience stores. We think it’s a steal considering the amazing health benefits for those who drink socially, as well as people who just want to keep their liver functioning at peak capacity.

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PS: Have a look at the front and back label below to see all the details for yourself. Unlike many other supplement companies (particularly in the “hangover” space) we don’t hide our ingredients in the fine print. We don’t have to because these are the highest quality, clinically-proven ingredients on the planet. See for yourself!