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hangovers suck intox detox works
hangovers suck intox detox worksintox detox supplement facts


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Safe, Effective & All-Natural. Clinically Tested & Dosed Ingredients.

Intox-Detox is formulated to be taken before you drink to help DETOX, RECOVER and PROTECT before the damage is done. It’s a potent combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the latest ground-breaking dietary supplementation science.

Hangovers Suck! Intox-Detox Works!


Product Description


Japanese Raisin Extract – The Rock Star and first to market ingredient, using the clinically studied dose shown in human research to help break down the alcohol metabolite Acetaldehyde that causes the negative after effects of consuming alcohol.

Setria – The Bouncer for your liver, also first to market and only clinically proven, patented ingredient shown to increase GSH levels in humans by 35%. That means protection for your liver and faster recovery when you responsibly enjoy a few drinks.

Green Tea and Ginseng – The Posse, supporting ingredients to help the body energize, protect and recover. Preliminary studies show that they help to rebalance the body, fight free radical toxins and may directly improve the breakdown of Acetaldehyde, the primary cause of the negative after effects of alcohol consumption.

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