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The Intox-Detox team was honored to attend our 2nd National Police Week in Washington DC last weekend. The event combines honoring our nation’s police officers, those serving and those we have lost, with a candle light vigil and some good old fashioned fun in the streets of DC. Police departments from all over the country send representative officers to attend Police Week in our nation’s capitol. Of course that includes toasting a few adult beverages. So, Intox-Detox is a natural fit. And once again we made a splash. The police protect and serve. Intox-Detox protects their livers when they get served at the bar!

It goes without saying that law enforcement professionals have stressful jobs. They work long hours, putting themselves in harm’s way to maintain order and keep the bad guys from threatening our families and our way of life. Some of them end up making the ultimate sacrifice by dying in the line of duty. Before we go any further, our team would like to thank our nation’s police officers for their commitment to and sacrifice for the public good. Without the safety, freedom and justice they fight to preserve, we would not have the privilege of safely enjoying a few drinks out on the town.


Now, that being said, these men and women also know how to party! We rolled out the beer pong table and let them challenge our team to win t-shirts and free Intox-Detox samples. We also put in a little time educating attendees about exactly how Intox-Detox can protect the liver and the whole body from the damaging effects of alcohol. Much like a criminal at large on the streets, alcohol’s metabolite in the liver (known as acetaldehyde) roams the body damaging everything it touches. And it can also give you a nasty hangover. Most of a hangover’s worst symptoms – nausea, vomiting, headache, etc – are attributed to the acetaldehyde chemical.

Intox-Detox works because its two clinically proven ingredients work together to bring the toxins to justice. Setria L-Glutathione “walks the beat” neutralizing the nasty chemical and escorting it to lockup. Japanese Raisin extract helps fortify the liver to break down acetaldehyde and reform it into harmless acetic acid. The end result is a better tomorrow for anyone who enjoys a few drinks. That’s why we came up with the slogan:

Intox-Detox is KEVLAR for the liver!


And if it works for them, it will truly work for anyone.

“For three days we toasted beers and jello shots, played beer pong and got acquainted with our boys and girls in blue. I can honestly say that they are some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met in all of my travels across America to promote Intox-Detox. We can’t wait for Police Week 2017!” – Andy Bennett, Intox-Detox CEO/Founder

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