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In the last post, we commented on the Los Angeles Times article, “Medical professional disagree about new hangover remedies”, where so-called “experts” denounced liver support and “hangover remedy” products like Intox-Detox. Go here to read about the proof that they are absolutely 100% wrong…

Let’s get on with today’s post…

New Year, New Liver Resolution – Protect Your Fat Burning Organ With Intox-Detox

It’s a new year and the masses are flocking back to the gym to burn off all those extra helpings of mashed potatoes, that slice of pie you weren’t going to eat but did anyway and all those booze calories that ride the fast lane all the way to your trouble spots! Did you know that your liver is an amazing fat burning organ and it’s intimately involved in your body’s rate of metabolism?

So, instead of all this “New Year, New Me” stuff. Let’s talk about a New Year, New Liver resolution. Most of us celebrate the holidays with some drinks among friends and family, especially for New Year’s Eve. And if your liver isn’t functioning on all cylinders, you can’t possibly burn as much fat as you would like. And if your liver is falling behind, you probably have a lot of excess toxins hanging around to do damage.

What does all this have to do with Intox-Detox?

Intox-Detox is an all-natural way to prime your liver before you drink alcohol. We use the mantra DETOX – RECOVER – PROTECT for a reason. Instead of waiting until after the damage is done, when you have a terrible hangover, you can be proactive. Taking Intox-Detox prior to alcohol consumption shields the liver from toxins. Your liver is like the magician of your body. It can do amazing things…

  1. Alcohol – Your liver turns damaging alcohol into acetaldehyde (the hangover toxin) and then makes it into harmless acetic acid, which is similar to inert vinegar. It’s an amazing trick; and it also saves your life. Intox-Detox helps  your body do it better.
  2. Nutrients – The liver can pretty much turn any macro-nutrient into anything else. It turns amino acids into sugars and vice versa. It even has an important impact on fat. If your liver is too backed up with toxins, you can bet your metabolism is not operating at peak capacity.
  3. Fat – Did you know that your liver is actually a fat burning organ? If you were paying attention in the 1st paragraph, you do. Few people understand this fact. Can you say beer belly? Not only does alcohol trick you into thinking the late night drive thru is a good idea, it also directly slows your metabolism by suppressing fat-burning hormones and directly intervening in the liver’s fat burning contribution. It does one more nasty thing to us…

Alcohol causes hangovers. That means you got extra calories from booze, had a late night eating binge, suppressed your fat-burning and then woke up with ZERO MOTIVATION to get to the gym. With Intox-Detox, you can wake up feeling refreshed after a night of fun and get back to your normal life, which hopefully includes regular trips to the gym to burn extra calories, so you can have fun when you do decide to have a few drinks.

There’s even research that shows Intox-Detox helps protect the body from acetaldehyde’s suppressive effects on fat-burning hormones. And it goes without saying that if you want to lift weights and get results, you need to keep a healthy hormonal profile.

So, there you have it. Intox-Detox can help you in the New Year to protect your liver (and whole body) from the damaging effects of alcohol. Am I saying Intox-Detox is a fat burner? Absolutely not, although it does contain ingredients like green tea, ginseng and L-glutathione that could be helpful.

What I am saying is that your liver is a fat burning organ that is very important to your metabolism and overall health. Intox-Detox helps to protect that organ from some of the fun things we do that might endanger it. You do the math.

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Happy New Year!

Intox-Detox Team