“Ah! my dear Count, life is much too important a thing ever to talk seriously about it” – Oscar Wilde

Hilarious! Thanks to The Onion for creating this video.

While fighting and acting crazy while drunk is not encouraged, there are a few good things to take away from this video…


I highly recommend doing fun activities while drinking. Don’t make drinking the activity. Play pool, darts, beer pong or whatever. Enjoy doing something while you have some drinks with friends.

Working Out

I don’t enjoy working out while drinking. My opinion is that you should do one or the other – or you end up doing both poorly. However, playing softball, kickball or recreational sports while drinking is pretty fun. For some reason beer is now mixed with running and yoga these days. And people seem to love it. Bottom line is to get your work out in somehow. Working out regularly helps your body recover faster and produce more detoxifying Glutathione. A quick workout the morning after some drinks can help you sweat it out and detox faster as well.


People who laugh are happier, healthier and more fun to be around. Don’t take life too seriously. Let yourself laugh. It’s one of the best medicines around.

Get Outside

The benefits of being out in the world among people far outweigh saving a few bucks. We are all on budgets, but take yourself out for a beer at happy hour with friends. Or host your own at your place. Go to the beach, go camping. Change the venue and go enjoy some drinks in nature. Sipping drinks on the beach is my favorite.


What does writing have to do with anything? Stay with me. I have a background in writing. I actually spent 5 years in Los Angeles pursuing a screenwriting career. It’s a tough road. Despite some fulfilling success, I determined that the movie industry is a tough nut to crack. Instead of fighting in the trenches, I decided to go start a profitable company, so that me and my friends can make the kinds of movies we love without having to jump through everyone else’s hoops. I have so much respect for good writing and I continue to write daily to this day. Comedy writing is one of the hardest forms of composition. So much work goes into doing it well and yet, at the end of the day, you are judge on one simple thing – did people laugh? Satire is particularly hard to master and no one does it better than The Onion. So big props to them because this video made me laugh out loud.

Most people don’t think their ideas are worth anything. So untrue. Every thing that crosses your mind is not going to be solid gold, but how will you know if you don’t retain the information? Keep a journal of your thoughts, goals and dreams. Weeks or months later, when you finger back through, you might just find a golden nugget that changes your life. That’s how Intox-Detox came to be. I kept a running journal of notes on the science behind hangovers. One day I woke up and it all just fell into place. But it never would have happened if I didn’t write down what I was thinking, no matter how seemingly nonsensical or irrelevant.

The whole point of Intox-Detox is enjoying life. One way people choose to enjoy and celebrate is to toast a few drinks. I wanted to help moderate drinkers do so without damaging their bodies and feeling terrible in the morning. We literally created a #BETTERTOMORROW for millions of people (soon to be billions!)

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