How to Avoid the Hangover(s) This Labor Day Weekend…

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Fire, propane, UV rays, buy 2 get 1 free cases of beer and crazy Aunt Betty behind the bar – what could possibly go wrong this Labor Day weekend?

Hey, it’s AB here – taking a turn at this blogging thing. I know I can be long-winded at times. Hey, I researched this stuff for a long time and sometimes I forget that you didn’t! Instead I’m going to practice extreme restraint, leave out MOST of the science and just give you very straightforward tips to help avoid a HANGOVER this weekend.

Of course, I’m always going to recommend that you take Intox-Detox, the only Alcohol Detox & Recovery product on the market that contains the ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS clinically proven (and clinically dosed as well) to BOTH protect your liver and help you avoid the MISERY of the next morning.

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While it’s all true, let me dispense with the marketing and get to helping you avoid a hangover, even if you’re insane enough not to use Intox-Detox.

  1. Liquor (or Wine) Before Beer…

You know that old rhyme from the sea… “…you’re in the clear.” Well, I said it before and I’m saying it again: It’s true. Drinking ANY carbonation speeds up intoxication. Maybe you want that; in that case check out the awesome low and no-sugar drink recipes below. If you are going to have liquor or wine, make sure to do it before you drink a few beers. The carbonation makes the higher-concentrated alcohol in vino and the hard stuff absorb into your blood stream faster. That means a shorter night and a longer morning. No fun. However, starting with a stiff drink and then downshifting to a cold beer in the sunshine is both refreshing and a good idea. Beer contains  more water to keep you hydrated and slows down your drinking pace. It’s also American as Hell to drink beer anywhere near a grill.

2. Eat, Stupid!

Notice the artful placement of my comma above. Don’t eat stupid, Stupid. Sorry to call you that and a little Labor Day indulging is to be expected. I’m really talking to myself because no one is more guilty of this than I am. I get to talking and I just forget to eat. It’s really stupid. You get SPIFFED (to quote my favorite movie “Harvey”) and you end up in bed by 8 pm. It’s more fun to eat smart. Eating anything is better than nothing because the food in your stomach slows the absorption of the alcohol. However, think of it like this – food also contains natural ingredients that help you detox the alcohol and feel better the next day. That’s the whole premise behind Intox-Detox. Foods that contain B and C vitamins especially will help. Pardon the science, but anything that contains the amino acid L-glutathione or its precursor (L-cysteine) is a BIG HELP. Think red meat, onions, eggs with the yolks, asparagus, tomatoes and pretty much anything green. A quick scoop of whey protein if you have it in the house is very high in helpful amino acids.

3. Fats and Sugars

Speaking of L-glutathione, avocados are loaded with it. Not only that but, they are also a source of antioxidants and healthy fats, both of which will help you while drinking alcohol. Healthy fats like olive oil, egg yolks, fish oil, chia seeds and nuts slow the rate at which alcohol gets into your bloodstream. Eating them prior to drinking is one of the best ways to preempt a drinking session. On the other hand, sugars (especially refined ones) are the WORST possible thing. Sure, they make you fat. You can easily get 100 grams of refined sugar from just a few margaritas. So what, at least your fat and happy, right? Well, sugars also increase cellular inflammation, which can make your hangovers much worse. Avoid them with these amazing all-natural low and no sugar recipes. They are delicious, low-calorie and full of antioxidants. Also so darn refreshing to drink in the sunshine on a holiday weekend when you ain’t got no place to be. You’re welcome!

4. Hydrate

Now, before you give me the “No sh*t, Sherlock” look…hydration is NOT just about drinking water. Any idiot can drink water, but most of us still don’t do it. Commit to it by developing a schedule. Pick a water buddy and have 4 to 6 ounces between each drink. Pre-hydrate by having a coconut water before you start. Plan on drinking another before bed. Coconut water is awesome because it contains antioxidants and a ton of electrolytes. Fresh out of coconuts? One of the best sources of water and electrolytes you can get is FOOD. Fresh fruit is mostly water. And BONUS, you also get the phytonutrients that help detox your body and the minerals to replace what you lose in sweating. Other foods that are high in potassium? Unsalted nuts and seeds (also have vitamin E), bananas and there’s those MAGIC avocados again. I repeat: Hydration is not just about slugging down water; it’s about the timing, sticking to it and adding foods that help replace lost nutrients.

5. Supplement

Some of us are too lazy to make sure we eat a rainbow of colors at every meal. There is NO REPLACEMENT for good nutrition. However, on a day where you will probably be eating hot dogs, potato chips and cookies, a little supplement boost might not hurt. Pop a multivitamin with your pre-drinking meal to make sure your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. Also, B-complex is cheap and it can really help when taken prior to drinking and before bed. I love a good Greens Powder supplement that supplies your basic greens and also a bunch of others that you would probably never eat, like seaweed, barley grass, spirulina and blue green algae. Many of them also contain probiotics, fruit extracts and herbs, all of which you get in one or two gulps. Some of them actually taste pretty good these days. Even if they don’t, a couple swallows and you’ll be happier in the morning. “That’s what she said….?” It goes without saying that Intox-Detox is THE BEST thing you can possibly take to help feel better tomorrow. Why is this? It breaks down the main toxin from alcohol that makes you feel MISERABLE the next morning, and it does it about 65% faster than you normally could. It’s all-natural, safe and effective. Don’t take my word for it, go grab a sample and see for yourself.

Thanks for checking out my article. I hope it helps. If you follow it to the letter, you will be up the next morning and ready to do it all over again!

Remember to always drink responsibly.

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