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One of the most common questions I get about ID is “What the heck is Japanese Raisin?” It’s understandable; very few people have ever heard of it. That’s actually a really good thing for us. If people realized how potent, safe and amazing this SUPER FOOD is, it would blow up overnight. My money is on that happening eventually. The main stream is so far behind the latest advances in dietary supplement science. Many people fear “NEW” things like Japanese Raisin because they haven’t heard of them before. Not only is there absolutely NOTHING to fear, but in reality this incredible herb is not new at all. It’s very VERY old. Let’s get to it…

What is Japanese Raisin?

First of all, it’s not really a raisin. Second, it’s not really “JAPANESE”, or not entirely anyway. It goes by many names, including Oriental raisin tree, Hovenia dulcis and most commonly Japanese Raisin. Known throughout Asia and the East, it is actually cultivated primarily in South Korea, where it is the MOST POPULAR HANGOVER REMEDY.

How can you forget the “Hangover” video Snoop Dogg did with S. Korean one hit wonder Psy? He is actually the face of a product called CJ Condition, which contains two out of the four Intox-Detox ingredients, most notably Japanese Raisin!

Historically, it has been part of many ancient medicinal systems, including Traditional Chinese Medicine. For at least centuries, though more likely millennia, this herb has been used to treat liver problems, promote detoxification and help with the dreaded HANGOVER.

So, if it’s not a raisin, then what is it really? Japanese Raisin is what’s known as thunb or peduncle, which as I understand it refers to the stock of the plant. However, it has a mildly sweet taste and aromatic notes that resemble cinnamon and berries, at least in my opinion.

Liver Super Food

The best way to think of Japanese Raisin is as a SUPER FOOD. Blueberries, pomegranates, acai berries, goji, mangosteen and maqui berry have all benn touted as cure-all supplements that can improve many markers of health.

Acai berries got a bad rap because of a few companies that filled us up with a bunch of marketing hype. They tried to sell many of these MIRACLE FOODS as weight-loss products that would melt off the fat without having to change your diet or lifestyle. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

On the surface, all of these foods are loaded with antioxidants that help to fight aging, scavenge free radical toxins and promote wellness. Japanese Raisin just hasn’t been hyped up up with a big marketing budget yet.

Our approach is a little subtler. We like to educate people about the unique benefits of this particular SUPER FOOD, rather than promising the world and cutting corners like so many other companies do. Instead, we did our homework, spent the money to make sure our product was safe and effective. In an industry of “snake oil salesmen”, we brought something to market that really works. It’s clinically-proven and dosed to DELIVER real results. See what I did there…? De-LIVER?

Unlike other super foods, Japanese Raisin offers unique benefits for liver detox in general and alcohol detox specifically. Well, how does it do that? To be honest, it’s not completely understood yet.

They are still discovering the active compounds (numbering in the thousands) in common supplements like green tea. For some reason this scares people.

What you need to know is that the human safety of Japanese Raisin has been THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED. There are a few good human studies that demonstrate this without a doubt. Jap. Raisin is what’s referred to as GRAS or generally recognized as safe by the FDA. Of course, you should always consult with your physician first no matter what.

What Does it Do?

Now that we covered the safety aspect, what does Jap. Raisin actually do? From the studies that have been done it’s clear that Jap. Raisin somehow up-regulates enzymes in the liver to facilitate the detoxification of both alcohol and its nasty byproduct known as ACETALDEHYDE.

We talk a lot about this nasty chemical because it is known as the “hangover toxin”, and it’s thought to be the primary reason why we get hangovers and why they take SO LONG to go away. It takes TIME and REST for your liver to regenerate the required enzymes to break this poison down. It’s likely related to many compounds in the plant, but primarily an antioxidant called DHM (dihyromyricetin).

Not only does Japanese Raisin seem to speed up detoxification, in developing the product we noticed that it also may have incredible liver-protective effects. That means that you can take it proactively to protect your liver and help mitigate the negative after effects of drinking alcohol. That’s why we recommend taking it BEFORE or DURING, rather than waiting until the damage is already done.

The Bombshell:

We are not the only company using Japanese Raisin. However, Intox-Detox is the ONLY company using the clinical dosage from the human research studies showing its efficacy. A lot of companies like to sprinkle effective ingredients into their products, but in ineffective amounts. It’s one of the dirty little secrets of our industry.
We took a stand and insisted on developing a product with the right amount of Japanese Raisin to do the job. That’s called integrity. It’s not cheap, but it creates a better product and, YOU, the customer knows the difference. We bet on quality over quantity. Otherwise, what’s the point?


To summarize, Japanese Raisin is new to the West, but not really new. It’s been around a long time, helping people detoxify their livers. It’s best to think of it like ACAI BERRIES or any one of a dozen popular SUPER FOODS that have hit the market in the last decade or so. Japanese Raisin just hasn’t gotten the press that some of it’s cousins have. Ultimately, that will change. Once a Dr. Oz-type jumps on the bandwagon, Americans will realize just how phenomenal and unique this particular Super Food really is.

So, pat yourself on the back, or maybe on the liver! You’re way ahead of the game. And Intox-Detox will continue to provide you with the highest quality Japanese Raisin on Earth at a reasonable price, so you can Detox, Recover and Protect your body, even if you enjoy a few drinks socially.

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