INTOX-DETOX Rewards Feedback!

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Our product tends to accumulate obsessed and loyal fans (new customers) everywhere we go. Almost every time I give away a free sample, the text or email comes in the next day. It usually says something like: “I didn’t believe you, but that stuff really works! Where do I get more?”

For the last 6 months our efforts have been focused on answering that question. We have been working overtime to hit every trade show and event possible so that we can bring Intox-Detox to the mainstream market. We want you to be able to hit your corner convenience store or gas station and pick up a pack of Intox-Detox before you go out for the night. We’re getting there, but we’re not quite there yet.

The word of mouth on Intox-Detox has always been amazing, but we need to start speaking a little more LOUDLY and turning up the volume on the conversation.

How we propose to do that is by rewarding you with bonus Intox-Detox product for sharing your experiences. So, how does that work exactly?

Written Testimonial = 1 free pack of Intox-Detox

Social Media Post = 2 free packs

Video Testimonial = 3 free packs

*Email testimonials and/or links to social media posts to

Tell your local retailers what’s up. Ask them to carry our product in their stores. We even offer an Affiliate program so you can MAKE EXTRA MONEY when you give referrals that generate sales, either to individual customers or retail.

One thing is sure: There are over $200 billion spent every year just on off-premise alcohol sales – gas stations, grocery/convenience stores, etc…

And of all the people I’ve met traveling around and promoting Intox-Detox, I can say one thing for sure – NOBODY LIKES A HANGOVER.

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Have a great day!

Andy Bennett

Intox-Detox CEO/Founder