It’s that time of year: Spring has sprung. Aside from a few unseasonably frigid areas, America is warming up for summer. Down here in Florida, where Intox-Detox was born, the summer months often mean stifling heat and choking humidity. Hence the reason the “snow birds” go north and return in the Fall and Winter.

What does all this have to do with enjoying a few cocktails, protecting your liver and avoiding the misery of the morning after? The changing seasons often remind me of the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol, which has been inspirational in my life and contributed to the philosophy behind Intox-Detox and our unique logo.

I remember very clearly taking World Religions and Philosophy classes where we learned about Yin-Yang and the concept of the dark and the light being integral and necessary parts of our reality. Each with a piece of the other in itself, separate yet one in the same.

For one thing, Spring and Summer are excellent times to get outside and have a few drinks with friends and family. Barbecues, tailgating and cold beer on the beach are just a few of my favorite things to do. It feels like possibility is in the air and things are getting better with every new day.

What about Yin-Yang? Many people remark on the unique logo for Intox-Detox. The forwards “INTOX” meets the backwards “DETOX” in the middle and they share their X’s. It’s pretty bad ass if I do say so myself, the way it folds back in on itself like the symbol for INFINITY, but it’s become more than that to me.

We started Intox-Detox to promote balance in the life of moderate drinkers. By taking Intox-Detox before or during drinking alcohol you are protecting your liver and helping to mitigate the painful after effects of the next morning. Not only do “hangovers” suck, but they are downright debilitating and counterproductive for your life.

Who wants to spend the whole day in bed or on the couch when you could be at the beach, getting your workout in or spending time with family and friends? If you do nothing but “Intox” that can lead your life down a dark path. If you do nothing but “Detox” you turn into a different kind of addict. There’s nothing wrong with being healthy, but if you do it at the expense of enjoying your life, then it can be destructive. Of course this will always be up for debate, but there are a few things no one can argue with.

  1. You will NOT live forever no matter what you do.
  2. All things in life should be enjoyed with balance and moderation; alcohol is no exception.
  3. It’s scientifically proven that moderate drinking makes you happier.

In my personal life, this balance helps to keep me on track. If I go to the bar too much, I have to get back to the gym, eat healthy and “detox”. If I go to the gym too much, I have to lighten up and get out for a couple drinks with friends, a little more “intox”. Hangover or not, too much of either causes problems for me. And yes, by my account, there is such a thing as a Detoxification hangover – in my world it’s called BOREDOM.

However, to paraphrase the late and beloved Robin Williams: “If you need drugs and alcohol to enjoy life then you’re doing it wrong.” Fair enough. I might add that if you need to avoid social situations to stay “healthy”, you might also be missing out. Keep in mind, the disease of addiction is a totally different issue. The idea is not to “need” any substance, but to enjoy life as much as possible.

So, to celebrate navigating life’s confusing distinctions and contradictions – Life/Death, Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall Seasons, Love/Hate, Knowledge/Ignorance and of course Intox/Detox – here’s a little coupon code to enjoy 30% off of Intox-Detox for what’s left of this Spring.

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Enjoy yourself, stay safe and liverstrong!