I See Ideas That Don’t Exist and Hear People Who Aren’t There

One of my biggest flaws is putting the cart before the horse. I’ll admit it; I’m a dreamer. I see an idea as just as TANGIBLE as a finished project. Those who know me understand that I’m like a helium balloon. I have to surround myself with people who tether me to planet EARTH. Or I will just up and float away.

It’s also one of my BIGGEST STRENGTHS. Most people never do anything with their ideas because they can’t see the point, can’t envision it actually being realized. If you just do NOTHING, there’s no chance you will fail, right?

I also hear voices. This unique combinations of pseudo-psychotic activities allowed me to write over 10 feature length movies scripts. That’s right; in a past life I was hustling the starving artist life, writing screenplays in Los Angeles. It’s still a dream of mine. The point is that I could see a whole story, characters (more clear than real people sometimes) and even hear their voices in my head BEFORE any of it was even REAL. I think the most creative of us are all just A LITTLE TOUCHED.

Well, I’m really special that way. I see DEAD PEOPLE, or more like LIVING IDEAS. It wasn’t long ago that I was hitting bars with ziplock bags full of 12 capsules – the prototype for INTOX-DETOX. I guess I was a little crazy in retrospect; people certainly looked at me that way. But look what we have to show for it… Had I not done that, we would not have Intox-Detox now.

So, I’m doing it again. I’m downright frustrated with the process of developing HANGOVER-PROOF beer. Nobody sees it yet. I also just don’t currently have the capital to create our Intox-Detox Liquid Shooter product. It’s probably about a half million dollar project. Yeah, left that in my other pants…

So what am I DOING about it? I’m bottling prototypes myself. I can’t sell them and I definitely won’t even consider giving it to anyone I don’t know well and trust. However, if you want to try it and you’re willing to sign a waiver, I might just send you a sample. I’m serious about the WAIVER though!

So what’s the big exciting NEW PRODUCT?

Short story: I visited Orchid Island Brewing in Vero Beach, FL. I was intrigued by the citrus-based flavored syrups they create and offer for the purpose of adding a unique “TWIST” to their awesome list of craft beers. So I thought to myself…

What if you could add a liquid Intox-Detox blend to any beer, wine or cocktail of your choice? How cool would that be? The great part is that you can choose how much (or little) you want to add to each drink. Just make sure you take the whole bottle during the course of enjoying your drink of choice.

Sure, we made an awesome beer called Intox-Detox Better Tomorrow Ale; and it was delicious. But nobody bit. Not to mention we did it once before with Sailfish  Brewery, with the Better Tomorrow Wit.  Unfortunately, no brewery wants to join me in making the World’s First Hangover-Proof Beer. I’m not giving up on that one yet. Just pivoting and positioning the product to be a success.

The fact that we added our blend to a wit beer and a Belgian Dubbel shows that it would probably go well with many different styles of beer. I can attest to that, as I’ve added it to everything from Bud Select 55 (improved the flavor significantly), Guinness Stout, margaritas and even muddled it into my Old Fashioned cocktails. It’s very adaptable.

So, anyone who wants to try the prototype of this new Intox-Detox product, let me know. I have very limited samples, but I’ll be busting my ass to make this new idea a REALITY asap. You might catch me at any of my favorite local bars or breweries sampling some out to customers and patrons who I trust. Gotta work on writing that waiver!

In the meantime, grab some Intox-Detox for the Holidays at 35% off here…

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