Intox-Detox Special Delivery?

We get this question all the time: WHERE CAN I BUY INTOX-DETOX?

At this point, the best answer is still to get it on our website. There you get the best prices and it delivers anywhere on the mainland US in 3 days or less. That’s pretty good considering that we’re a small family owned company. If you have Amazon Prime you can always pick it up there too by clicking here…

Speaking of Amazon Prime, we have recently heard tell of them partnering with alcohol retail stores to deliver wine, liquor and beer within a couple hours or less in select cities. Mark our words, eventually we will be available for delivery in major cities.

Intox-Detox and Chow Cab

For now, we are testing it right here on the Treasure Coast of Florida where Intox-Detox was born. There’s a great local food delivery company called Chow Cab. And since our customers tend to want Intox-Detox NOW (not in a day or two), we are working with them to rush the product to your door on demand for only a $3.99 delivery fee. Of course, that fee is in addition to the retail price of our product.

I TOTALLY get it. Most people don’t plan on getting a hangover. It starts innocently enough with a few drinks. You get caught up talking to friends and you have that one or two extra drinks that put you over the top. Then the next day is MISERABLE. Been there. That’s why it’s a great idea to keep a few packs around in case you find that you end up have a few more than you planned.

Sign up for the Better Tomorrow Club to get 3 packs a month for only $9.99. That way, you just set it and forget it. It won’t break the bank and you’ll always have a few doses of ID around in case you end up partying harder than expected.

For those who don’t like to think ahead, you will be able to order Intox-Detox from participating Chow Cab restaurants at the retail price of $3.99 per pack. The minimum order is 4 packs. As cool as Chow Cab is, they have to make money too.

Intox-Detox in Retail Stores?

So, why isn’t Intox-Detox in more retail stores? Trust us, we are working on it. Check out our current Retailers Page here… Our transition into retail has been admittedly much slower and more frustrating than we expected. Why might that be? I’m not saying they’re STUPID, but there is money to be made and many of them are just leaving it on the table. They don’t get it yet. That’s the bottom line.

Forgive us for “tooting our own horn”, but we took on THE HANGOVER. And won. Customers love the product. I watch our internet sales closely. First time users of Intox-Detox get the free sample. And when they come back, they always buy 2 to 4 boxes! That tells you something. We have passionate repeat customers who we hope will stick with us for life. That’s why we do everything we can to over-deliver and send extra goodies and product to reward loyalty.

Americans also had VERY LITTLE use for automobiles and televisions when they first came out. So, do us a favor and spread the word. We ALWAYS reward referrals. And if you want your local retailer to sell Intox-Detox, go tell them what’s up.

Looking Toward the Future

Brick and mortar retail stores, especially convenience and gas station places, aren’t going anywhere. However, the face of retail in America is changing massively. We want to stay ahead of the curve by working with alternative options for serving our customers. Whether it’s Amazon Prime, Chow Cab or any of the other alcohol delivery businesses popping up, we will always do everything we can to get you your Intox-Detox fix as fast as possible.

Intox-Detox is the best Alcohol Detox & Recovery product on the market. Hands down. There is NOTHING on the market backed by such incredible human clinical research.

Stay tuned for more on our partnership with Chow Cab.

In the meantime, sign up for the Better Tomorrow Club here… (Get one free sample and then 3 packs a month for only $9.99)


PS: Check out our brief video below for a message directly from YOUR LIVER!