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First and foremost, huge congratulations are in order for the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series! The fans have waited a long time for this and it was exciting, and at times exasperating, to watch the drama play out over 7 games. The Cleveland Indians fought hard, but in the end there can only be one winner.

Intox-Detox visited the great city of Chicago last weekend for Halloween celebrations. We partnered with My Drink On (an event planning company operating in 10 US cities) and to bring free samples of the Intox-Detox all-natural Alcohol Detox & Recovery Formula to costumed party-goers attending Halloween bar crawls in several neighborhoods of Chicago. It was only by coincidence that we got dropped into ground zero for the Cubs pursuing what ultimately turned out to be a huge victory in the World Series. Needless to say, the baseball games dominated the weekend, with Halloween becoming somewhat of an afterthought (although a fun one at that!).

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For our part, we spent most of our time in the highly trafficked area of Lincoln Park, a great destination for anyone looking to hit several cool watering holes in one go. Set up outside of LA Social, which is open-to-the-air, we could see the big game and hear it blasting from inside. Cubbies fans packed elbow to elbow and cheering on their team through every pitch, play and out.

Throughout the weekend, we also visited the Lion Head Pub, Brando’s Speakeasy, Miller’s Pub and Kasey’s Tavern. And as suspected, people in Chicago also don’t like hangovers! Good thing we created Intox-Detox!

On the whole, the long baseball weekend was a stressful one for Chicago fans. Even as outsiders, the desperation and passion for winning the World Series was palpable to say the least, if not an instant zeitgeist that possessed even the most disinterested passive observer. It wasn’t pure opportunism, but more necessity that lead the Intox-Detox team to pass out quite a few samples to the Chicago natives, who self-admittedly enjoy a few game-time libations.  We were just honored to be there and take part in the experience, especially on Sunday when the Cubs got the much needed win to extend the series and live on to see another baseball night in Cleveland.

Now, we all know how that turned out. The Cubs came back in stunning fashion to force a Game 7 and win the World Series. Epic stuff, albeit unexpected by even the most devout Chicago fan, especially before Sunday’s victory.

For a visit that had nothing to do with baseball, the World Series sure did become the epicenter. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. A party is a party in our eyes. It was great to get to know Chicago, meet the down-to-Earth fans and attend the Rooftop Halloween party put on by My Drink On. (See pictures at bottom of page)

Looking forward to many more adventures in Chicago and the Midwest in general. The region is home to some of the biggest drinking towns in America. And anywhere in the US (and eventually the world) where people are hoisting alcoholic beverages, Intox-Detox will be there to educate, protect livers, encourage moderate drinking and help people balance a fun nightlife with a healthy, productive and better tomorrow.

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