Intox-Detox CEO Andy Bennett here. I thought I would drop some knowledge on this little blog of ours and speak directly to our fans and customers. If you know me, you know that I’m a man of the people. I do too many shots and drink beers like it’s my job (it actually is) with the best of them, and the worst of them. And don’t even get me started on a bottle of bourbon. Actually, do – Old Fashioned made with a nice rye or bourbon whiskey – that’s my wheelhouse. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m actually here to talk about how Intox-Detox became a reality and why it’s the best “hangover” pill on the market. Anyone who says otherwise, please feel free to challenge us. A little company with a pill called “Party Dumb” tried that once. There’s only one thing worse in the dietary supplement industry than having no science; and it’s having bad science. Unpublished, non-placebo controlled or even “science” based on questionnaires. Do NOT fall for impostors. We did and are doing REAL SCIENCE. And we’re not done. We have big plans for this little company. So, how did Intox-Detox come to be?

I’ll be completely honest with you and say that I can’t in good conscience take all of the credit for Intox-Detox, but I will anyway. The concept for the product came from a former Slippery Rocky alum and friend – let’s call her Brooke. I got into the dietary supplement world way back in college (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth!). I wanted to build all the muscle and maybe make up for the fact that I was such a shy kid. Some supplements were very effective. For example, creatine, while controversial always (for no reason at all), is truly an amazing supplement with the ability to improve performance in ways that persuaded my young mind that there was something to this supplement thing. Now, I know it’s not really consistent with my fitness goals, but I enjoy a drink or several. You can’t live forever and who would want to anyway? You have to find a balance. My balance became going to the gym to punish myself for the “sins” of yesterday. Then, I would celebrate the victory with a few drinks among friends. Over time the punishments started to outweigh the rewards; it got harder to get to the gym too. And because I actually do care about my health, I started looking at what the fallout might be from a little too much fun. Most of my best ideas come from being a little on the spectrum so to speak. My mind wanders and I start comparing apples to oranges, kind of like mental alchemy, just letting my mind wander like a canoe adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It turns out that my best thinking is done when I’m not thinking. Go figure.

I did. I figured that if enzymes could speed up digestion, why could they not speed up other chemical reactions in the body governed by enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for all of the amazing things I don’t understand that go on in the human body, including the ability to write this blog. Deep! I knew that liver enzymes were responsible for breaking down alcohol. And it was clear that some people had more of them than others. I’m looking at you Sara F. So, why then couldn’t you supplement liver enzymes the way you do digestive enzymes and speed up the process. No! There’s two reasons why that doesn’t work. Brooke informed me that breaking down alcohol faster would only make things worse because the body’s process for that has two stages. Much like a cows stomach or a rabbits bowels, the human liver is not really an intelligent design. We turn alcohol into something far MORE toxic and deadly before we completely detox it. That toxic chemical is ACETALDEHYDE (ALD for short). It’s nasty; and it’s responsible for most of the negative effects of drinking alcohol. My SRU drinking buddy alerted me to the fact that ALD should be targeted and not ethanol. I had that idea more than 10 years ago. I did nothing about it until 2013. Let’s just call it a 10-year hangover. I didn’t forget; I just didn’t know how to make it happen. Then I met Geoff Palmer.

Geoff is a guy who makes real science-based and quality dietary supplement formulations. He’s my “science guy” and really deserves the lion’s share of the credit for Intox-Detox. And now that I’ve given him and Brooke their due, I will shift the focus back to my visionary genius. Someone had to ask the questions and push the envelopes. And that someone was destined to be me. Look, we are not dealing in drugs or vaccines. My legacy will not be that of Jonas Salk, who created the Polio vaccine. Hangovers suck; and they always, always will. If Mother Earth created a few natural plants that help us to enjoy a few drinks and not feel like we actually contracted Polio than so be it. The alcohol game is a $200 billion playground. And I’m just a kid at heart, who can’t resist a playground. So, come play with me!

No, we couldn’t isolate the actual liver enzyme (ALDH2) and use it as a supplement, as I had first imagined. However, Geoff the science guy found a little gem called Japanese raisin. This ain’t your grandma’s raisins, pal. When people realize how effective this stuff is, it’s going to a REVOLUTION. No seriously. But because we are smarter than the average bears we didn’t stop there. We added Setria L-Glutathione. That’s a patented version of the amino acid L-glutathione. It’s reduced. Much like the liver enzyme we failed to procure, this particular amino acid gets gobbled up in the stomach or intestines and never makes it to the bloodstream. Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. LTD figured out how to get L-glutathione into the bloodstream to actually increase GSH levels. That’s a complicated way of saying it’s a minor miracle. Let’s say you get a case of alcohol poisoning or gobble up two many Tylenols. They rush you to the ER and give you an IV of what? Glutathione. That’s correct. Setria increases GSH levels by 35%. And there are real human studies that show that. Sorry, Party Smarties, that’s what we call REAL SCIENCE. So, you can take your questionnaires and use them for what fiat currencies and all worthless paper is good for deep in the woods. Wiping your pretentious and over -bloated behind. You guys make great products, but that is NOT one of them.

I digress. Along with Japanese raisin and Setria, we added Green tea and Panax ginseng. Not for energy, my babies, but as support ingredients for further expediting the breakdown of ALD – that awful poison from alcohol that lingers in your body and causes you to feel like crap.

So, there you have it. Intox-Detox – a formula based on real science that solves a real problem and hopefully contributes something useful to the world. Remember when American corporations used to make stuff? I know it’s hard to recall, but I do. We started the company to change the world. We wanted to create a BETTER TOMORROW for everyone. And that’s exactly what we are doing. All I ask is that if you enjoy a few drinks from time to time, give Intox-Detox a shot. I refuse to let a single drink pass my lips without taking it. Not only does it help you avoid feeling awful tomorrow, it also protects your liver. And your liver is important. It’s called the “LIVER”. You need it to live. So take Intox-Detox, live long and prosper.

Here’s to a better tomorrow,

Andy Bennett