What is the Intox-Detox Better Tomorrow Club?

The Better Tomorrow Club is our monthly subscription that offers amazingly low prices for Intox-Detox, delivered to your door monthly, so that you always have a few packs on hand. Hey, you never know when an epic party will break out and you always want to be prepared to DETOX, RECOVER, and PROTECT.

Nobody plans on getting a nasty hangover. And failure to plan is planning to fail, as they say.

In the past we tried a subscription service for a box a month. The reality is that some people just don’t need 12 packs a month, unless your generous enough to share with all your friends.

That’s why this go around we set up a tiered subscription plan, where you can get 3, 6 or 12 packs auto-shipped to your door every month on autopilot. You can cancel anytime, and the more you buy, the more you save. It shakes out like this:

  • Bronze – 1 free sample for $4.99, 3 packs a month for $9.99 + shipping
  • Silver – 6 packs a month for $16.99 and FREE SHIPPING
  • Gold – 12 packs a month for $24.99 (FREE SHIPPING)

You won’t find better prices than that on Intox-Detox anywhere. And that’s why we’re doing it. We like to reward loyalty with amazing discounts. Not to mention, joining any of these subscriber lists gives you extra chances to win prizes and exclusive giveaways.

Click Bronze, Silver or Gold to join the Better Tomorrow Club now…

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