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Not only did I research the problem of “THE HANGOVER” for 10 years, I put my money literally where my mouth is by hiring the best supplement formulators in the world to make Intox-Detox a reality. Then, while everyone still thought I was crazy, I hit the bar and tested the prototype thoroughly. The human research on our ingredients was impressive, but I needed to know for sure! Who says R&D can’t be fun?!?

The end result became Intox-Detox, and no one expected that the product would be so darn EFFECTIVE. We were amazed. New customers literally become obsessed with Intox-Detox. Once they experience the magic, they look at me a little differently. Like Glenn MacDonald’s hilarious reaction: “What kind of sorcery is this?” Love it. And they always come back for more, because, let’s face it – having a few drinks is fun, especially if you don’t have to wake up feeling TERRIBLE.

Anyway, thanks for checking out our blog and this video. I take the utmost pride in our product and always love to hear your feedback.

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