Look, we all know hangovers suck. Nobody wants one. Yet so many of us get them. And it only gets worse as we get older. We were all 22 years old once; you’d stay up all night, do shots, mix every kind of drink like a cement grinder in your stomach, then chug a few glasses of water and wake up feeling okay – after a 10 to 12 hour nap that is. Who has time for that now?

Maybe you were never that resilient; some people never had that luxury. I however was. I didn’t even believe in hangovers until I was about 25. I also didn’t believe in getting fat when I was 17, when all I ate was pizza and burgers, all while rocking six-pack abs. No longer, those days are long gone. Young people are super humans because they own a commodity that none of us can cling to forever. It’s called youth.

For the rest of us, if you’re like me and enjoy a few drinks with friends on occasion, the hangover battle will be an ongoing struggle throughout your life. So if you’re not immortal, you better come up with another plan. That’s why I worked so hard to develop Intox-Detox. It’s not a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. It’s a natural way to prime your liver for the beating it takes when you drink, both by protecting your body and helping to alleviate tomorrow’s misery.

It’s not a magic pill; you have to know how to use it. Like a screwdriver, it’s a great tool and very useful, but it doesn’t do much for you if you hold it backwards; the handle isn’t going to budge the screw one iota.

It’s exactly the same for Intox-Detox. I was reminded of this fact when a very good friend mentioned that a mutual acquaintance had tried the product and “got a hangover anyway.” I always take personal responsibility for the .1 % of people we encounter who don’t have a good experience with Intox-Detox. A little further investigation revealed the real problem. She didn’t understand how to take the product properly. She was holding the screwdriver backwards. Or maybe she needed a different kind of tool altogether. There are multiple “tools” for nipping hangovers in the bud and a systematic approach is best. Go here to check out my ULTIMATE NO HANGOVER SECRET FORMULA…

So let’s take a moment to explore the “right” way to take Intox-Detox for best results.

How to Take Intox-Detox – Right Tool for the Right Job

We are going to assume that you are a moderate drinker and generally healthy; and in particular that you have a fully functioning liver and are not on any medication.

GENERAL RULE: Take 1 pack of Intox-Detox (all 4 capsules is one serving) for every four to six drinks or 4-6 hours, whichever comes first.

Many people who felt the product didn’t “work” the first time they used it, had outstanding results once they implemented this rule. If you are older, female, petite, a liquor lover or a “big drinker”, this especially applies to you. With age, our bodies produce less of the liver enzyme needed to break down alcohol’s toxins (acetaldehyde in particular). Females and older persons also have less of the L-Glutathione in their bodies needed to help neutralize the toxins in the blood and break them down in the liver.

So, here are a few typical scenarios to consider and how I would take Intox-Detox for best results. In no way is this an approval or indictment of these behaviors. I don’t tell people what to do with their lives, how to drink or what supplements to take. I’m merely sharing what has worked for me. Also, don’t drink and drive. Intox-Detox WILL NOT sober you up or prevent intoxication. Who would want it if it did?

  1. A Night Out – Intox-Detox works great for this. You go out for a meal with some friends and end up having drinks after at a restaurant or bar. As recommended in my No Hangover Secret Formula report, you prime your body with a meal that slows down the absorption of the alcohol and toxins. You take 1 pack of Intox-Detox within your first 2 or 3 drinks. After the 3rd drink most men and women have already begun to develop tomorrow’s hangover because it’s about then that your liver is losing the ability to keep up. The “Big Drinkers” among you may scoff, but this is absolutely true. If you have a higher tolerance, your body might be able to cope with a few more drinks, but you’re pushing your luck. You end up having 4 to 6 drinks socially and you head home for a few glasses of water to go to bed. By most standards that would be a pretty typical night out.
  2.  The After Party – Consider the above “Night Out” scenario, only you decide to keep it going instead of going home. Maybe it’s a Friday or Saturday and you want to keep the party going. Of course you’re NOT even considering touching a steering wheel! Don’t be a moron. UBER it or grab a cab to save lives and/or thousands of dollars in court fees. You decide to go to another bar, someone’s house or an “After Party”. It’s been 6 hours or 6 drinks, whatever came first, so you take another full package of Intox-Detox. Alternatively, you proceed to the next party, having a few more drinks and take another pack of ID before bed.
  3. The BBQ – Thinking of doing a little “day-drinking”? Let’s call it a Saturday or Sunday and you head to a friend’s house for a barbecue with a 12-pack of beer around 3 pm. You eat some burgers and dogs, washed down with a few cold beers. This is what you work so hard for the whole week, but the last thing you need is to cripple yourself tomorrow morning, especially if it’s a “school night”. As usual, take your ID before your 1st beer ideally, but certainly before you hit 3 or 4 drinks. Maybe it is Saturday and it’s a great party. You decide to go another round and turn it into a night. The Cards Against Humanity come out and your surrounded by good friends. Next thing you know it’s 8 pm. You grab another bite to eat and take another pack of ID. While it’s not recommended, maybe you’re having such a great time that you decide to go three rounds. the BBQ turned into a “Night Out” and now it’s morphing into an “After Party” – take one additional pack before you go to bed.

But Wait! Can I Take Too Much Intox-Detox?

Intox-Detox is all-natural and the human safety data on all the ingredients has been well-documented in the research. In fact, one human study used the equivalent of 3 packs of Intox-Detox with incredible results and no adverse effects. That being said, always consult with your physician anyway.

Anymore than the 3 packs recommended as a maximum intake would be a waste of money. There is no research showing any further benefit from taking more than that amount. And, large amounts of any food-based ingredient could potentially give you a stomach ache if you overdo it. If you want a painful example, eat 10 oranges or multiple bananas and call me from the bathroom. ANYTHING can make you sick if you overindulge, especially alcohol!

Other Considerations

  1. Occasion? – If you’re going to a wedding, Irish funeral, bachelor or bachelorette party, you better just assume it’s more than a simple “night out” and take 1 pack when you start and 1 before bed.
  2. What’s your poison? – If you drink hard liquor, especially shots, especially especially cheap liquor and expect to be switching back and forth between different kinds of drinks, you better err on the side of taking more Intox-Detox.
  3. Marathon or sprint? – Are you in for the long haul? Is it an all-inclusive on the beach in Mexico or a music festival like Stagecoach, where attendees have been known to drink all day for 3 days straight in the middle of the desert? Either way, you better have a couple of extra packs on you. It goes without saying that you can’t sprint a marathon. Pick your battles and know your limits. Which leads to the next point, which is very personal…
  4. Know thyself! – You know what your kryptonite is. For some of us it’s red wine. Others can’t handle whiskey, gin, champagne. If you know a particular drink doesn’t sit well with your body, do yourself a favor and avoid it all together. If you know you’re a lightweight, don’t think that popping a pack of Intox-Detox is going to change that.
  5. The morning after pills – If all else fails and you didn’t read this blog before you tried Intox-Detox, you can always take another pack when you wake up. Whatever you did to your poor body, the ingredients in Intox-Detox will enhance detoxification, energize, improve alertness and help shield your liver against toxins. In short, they will get you back on your feet sooner. Anecdotal reports universally claim that within 45 to 60 minutes of taking Intox-Detox the morning after you should feel much better.

Basically, it all comes down to common sense. Alcohol can be dangerous. It can also be fun. The whole point of Intox-Detox is maximizing the fun, while helping to protect from the danger and making the experience more enjoyable by minimizing the pain.

Once you learn how to use Intox-Detox the way it is intended, I know you will enjoy it. I bet my whole life on it. Yes, I’m the guy that devoted his life to trying to fix hangovers for the average Joe or Jill who just likes to have a few drinks with his or her friends. Before you criticize Intox-Detox for not “working”, learn how to use it. Turn the screwdriver around or you won’t be screwing anything. You’ll just get screwed.

Here’s to a better tomorrow for all,

Andy Bennett


PS: Don’t forget to check out my ULTIMATE NO HANGOVER GAME PLAN here. It’s a very useful checklist for anyone going for a night out. It teaches you about EVERYTHING you can do to help stay away from the dreaded hangover, including additional supplement recommendations and dietary tips.

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