During the holidays, with family and friends around, and a few days off of work to relax, it’s a natural to kick back and celebrate with a few drinks. Sometimes a few drinks turns into a few more…

Hey, you can’t be “NICE” all year long! Life is a balance and it’s fun to get a little “NAUGHTY” from time to time. That’s why Intox-Detox was formulated to help you be naughty tonight and still wake up feeling nice. We want you to enjoy your life, protect your body and wake up to a BETTER TOMORROW!

While we would NEVER recommend binge drinking, we are partial to a little day-drinking during holidays. For my friends and me, it’s watching soccer the day after Christmas, for the holiday known as Boxing Day across “The Pond” in Britain. However, it’s REALLY EASY for things to escalate and leave you hungover. Not only do you damage your body and embarrass yourself by tapping out early, you also might miss a really good party! Both tragic outcomes!

Instead, let’s talk about how you can protect your liver, hang for the duration and even wake up feeling great.

Let’s start with a few tips for HOLI-DAY-DRINKING and then review how to take Intox-Detox to achieve the Holy Grail of the Holiday Season – The Hangover-Free Sesh!

Tips for Holi-Day-Drinking


Some of the best and worst things come in threes. But after about three alcoholic beverages, it’s easy for things to escalate out of control. It’s best to slow things down at this point. A meal, a snack or an activity can be a great buffer to keep you in the game for the long-haul. We love drinking games like beer pong, flip cup and power hours – don’t get us wrong – but, it might be better to get involved in an activity that doesn’t involve drinking. Perfect example, sipping on beers while playing cornhole, darts, shuffleboard, pool or croquet. Hell, even naked Twister will do! That way, the whole point of the game isn’t JUST DRINKING, but rather something physical that forces you to put that beer or wine down for a moment while you play. The three drink mark is also a great time to rehydrate if you forgot to do so between drinks like you should have. It might also be a good time to downshift. For example, if you’ve been drinking 10% Imperial Stout, reach for a lighter beer like a Session IPA, a Radler or even a Shandy (we recommend beer and Zevia Lemon Lime).


Watch the sweeteners when you are drinking alcohol. We like to avoid sugars altogether, but definitely make sure to avoid high-fructose corn sugar (HFCS) and refined “white” sugar. The HFCS from popular beverages like Coca-Cola is actually more damaging to your liver than the whiskey in your Jack and Coke. Our livers know what to do with alcohol (with a little help from Intox-Detox), but the “Franken-Sugars” are extremely toxic and known to cause many diseases, including diabetes. Also, sugar increases inflammation, which can make hangovers even worse. Calorie-free artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose seem to speed up intoxication, so that rules out the diet drinks as mixers too. Try Zevia sodas, which make great mixers and are sugar-free, calorie-free and have zero preservatives, additives and colors. FYI, they also make a great sugar-free tonic water! If you’re drinking cocktails, use Truvia in place of sugar. Xylitol, monk fruit and quality agave nectar can also be good options. Madhava’s Organic Agave 5 blends agave nectar with stevia and monk fruit to achieve a low calorie sweetener that goes great in cocktails. Be Mixed is a new company that is blending these calorie and sugar-free sweeteners into pre-made mixers to make it even easier.


To quote Jeffro, a college friend, “I’m going to get drunk 3 times today!” Despite the fact that we engaged in a bit of overindulgence back in our Slippery Rock University days, Jeffro knew something that I didn’t. He was wise in the way that only 8 years of undergraduate studies can make you! When he planned on “day-drinking”, he would schedule power naps throughout the day to take a break, rest up and let his body catch up. Not only is this a great idea, it’s also perfect for the Holidays when we have a few days off of work and could use a little extra R&R. A typical Christmas or New Year’s Day morning at my house starts with a couple Irish coffees or mimosas. After opening presents or taking in some football, there’s often an obligatory nap in the lazy boy while the kids play with their new toys. Around lunch time, there might be a few beers or Bloody Marys. In the late afternoon is another great opportunity for a power nap before the festivities of the evening. Even as little as 30 to 40 minutes of napping, a few times throughout the day can help keep you in the game, slow your drinking pace and keep you awake and alert for a few cocktails in the evening. Look, no one’s saying you should drink all day long, but since many of you are going to do it anyway, you might as well have a strategy. Adding Intox-Detox to your day, in the right amount and timed properly, can really help. More on that in a moment.


If you’re trying to do a job, then you need the right tool. And, you have to use the tool the right way. Trying to screw a nail into the wall to mount a picture will not produce a successful result. Even if you have the right tool, for example a screwdriver, it will do ABSOLUTELY zero good if you hold it backwards. The point is that people trying to avoid the dreaded hangover often reach for things like electrolytes (Gatorade or Pedialyte), hangover remedies, energy drinks (5-Hour Energy, Monster or coffee), without truly understanding how and when to use these tools for best results and what to realistically expect. Buying expensive solutions to the common side effects of alcohol consumption, like dehydration and fatigue, is often a waste of time. All you really need to do is to drink plenty of pure H2O water, eat healthy foods (a great source of electrolyte minerals), OTC pain meds and maybe utilize a little caffeine the morning after for a boost. Don’t waste your money when you already have the solutions at your disposal. For example, I’m assuming you have food, coffee, water and aspirin; if not you can easily acquire them at low cost. Many “hangover remedies” simply combine things that are irrelevant, ineffective or that you already have to part the uninformed from their hard-earned money. The only thing that really makes a difference, outside of the above, is something that uses real science to boost liver function and breakdown alcohol’s toxic byproduct known as ACETALDEHYDE. The faster you do that, the better you will feel tomorrow. And that’s exactly what Intox-Detox helps your body do. More on that coming…


Let’s face it, Intox-Detox is no miracle; and you can “out-drink it”. However, those who know how to use it, frequently tout its miraculous effects, their words not mine. It’s a tool, not a miracle. As mentioned above, no tool works properly when it’s used incorrectly. Bullet proof vests don’t work if they are hanging in your closet, or if you put them on after you get shot. Intox-Detox is no different. It does amazing things to expedite alcohol’s pathway through your body, ie liver. However, it is what is known as dose-dependent. The more you drink, the more you need to make it work. Again, no one is recommending binge-drinking or being irresponsible. The reality is that far too many people over-drink, sometimes on a regular basis. So, if they (you) are going to do it anyway, we want to help you, the best we can, to educate yourself, protect your liver and avoid feeling terrible the next day. If you are struggling with alcoholism, where you escalate and physically can’t stop drinking, that’s a different problem entirely. Intox-Detox is for the social drinker who wants to stay healthy while living life to the fullest. All that being said, a pack of ID is good for about 4 to 6 drinks or 4 to 6 hours, whichever comes first. For heavy drinkers, a pack prior to drinking and another before bed is often the best bet. Especially on an occasion like New Year’s Eve, when you are likely to be celebrating a little more aggressively. If you wake up the next morning feeling a bit under the weather, a pack of Intox-Detox usually picks you up within 45 to 60 minutes. Do recall, Intox-Detox is all-natural and safe in these quantities. An impressive human study was done with the equivalent of 3 packs of Intox-Detox and shown to be safe at those doses. If you think of Intox-Detox as a tool to support liver function, rather than a get-out-of-jail-free card or a miracle, and you follow this simple guideline, you will have amazing results. Best of all, you get the liver-protective effect of Japanese Raisin Extract and Setria L-Glutathione, in doses that produce incredible healthful effects in the body.

How Does it Work and When to Take Intox-Detox

Intox-Detox helps you achieve this feat by providing 2 ingredients clinically proven to BOTH protect your liver from your naughty doings and to help you feel nice the next morning. However, it’s very CRITICAL that you understand how and when to take Intox-Detox for  best results. Yes, it does matter!

People ask me all the time. My answer is always the same. We built Intox-Detox around some impressive research studies, so our recommendations come directly from the science. It’s always best to take Intox-Detox BEFORE you drink alcohol. That’s why we jokingly call it “The Condom for Your Liver”. Think of it as fortifying your liver proactively before the assault comes. Down here in Florida, no one would wait until the wind reaches hurricane force to put up their protective shutters or to evacuate. Another neat thing about our product is that the ingredients have a liver-protective effect, which you don’t get if you take it after the damage is done. Some people forget to take Intox-Detox before they have already had a drink or two; you get to talking and it slips your mind. For practical purposes, it’s best to take it within your first 2 or 3 drinks, before your liver gets backed up with toxins.

The Whole Pack?

The next questions is always “All 4 pills?” or “Why so many pills?”. The answer is the same; the SCIENCE says that we need this exact amount of the active herbal ingredients to be effective. If we could use less, we certainly would. However, we spent the money to spring for the full clinical dosage of Japanese Raisin Extract from the research. Can you take fewer pills, for example half of the pack? You can do anything you want. It’s a free country. We make no guarantees if you don’t follow our recommendations.

Recommendation: Take ALL 4 capsules in the Intox-Detox pack immediately prior to or during drinking, preferably within the first 2 or 3 drinks of the night. Repeat as needed, every 4 to 6 drinks or 4 to 6 hours, whichever comes first.

People have anecdotally reported having great results by taking half the pack now, half before bed. However, that’s hard to remember and often results in taking only half of the recommended serving size. The 1% of people who have not had great results with Intox-Detox do one of two things wrong. They take half the product, thinking they will try it out by going halfway. Or, they drink way too much for the one pack they took, misunderstanding the dose-dependency of the product. Remember, even the most ingenuous and helpful tools will not work if you don’t know how to operate them!

Please remember to always drink responsibly.

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Happy Holidays!