Everyone has an opinion about what causes the dreaded HANGOVER. Unfortunately, most of them are DEAD WRONG.

One thing we can all agree on is this: HANGOVERS SUCK. So, let’s start from that common ground and go from there. However, that’s probably all that we can agree on. The only difference is that we studied the science and researched hangovers for over 10 years. Yeah, we had a lot of free time on our hands. Few people can say the same.

The majority of you probably agree when people claim that hangovers come from dehydration, sugar, dark-colored liquors, etc. None of these are the primary cause, however each of them can make hangovers MUCH worse.

Not to mention that plain old OVER-DRINKING will get you every time…

Okay, so we have stumbled on another thing we can agree on. If you drink a whole bottle of whiskey, you are not going to feel so hot the next day no matter what you do. There is a simple fix for THAT KIND of hangover: Don’t binge-drink. Obviously, alcoholism is a whole different problem. That requires treatment. We can all agree on that. (Though some will argue over whether it is a disease or not)

Problem is that even responsible, moderate social drinking can lead to a hangover. Why is that? It’s because there is one specific toxin that comes from alcohol and creates the damage to your body and the misery of the next morning.

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The picture below gives you one HUGE HINT about how to stop hangovers. Can you guess what it is…?

liver enzymes for hangover

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