The Official Hangover Season is Here

It’s officially HANGOVER SEASON in America. There are many of reasonable excuses to have a drink or two during the holidays. When families come together, they often share a few alcoholic beverages to celebrate the Holidays.

Others are driven to drink by their family in different ways, but hey, we get it. In some places the frigid weather is enough to require a hearty drink to stay warm and raise the spirits. No matter who you are or where, nobody wants a NASTY HANGOVER!

Life is all about balance. And it’s a little more complex than the old NAUGHTY vs. NICE morality used by Santa Claus to bribe children into behaving. What if you want to be a little naughty? In this case, with a few intoxicating libations during the Holiday season? Well, don’t worry; Intox-Detox has you covered. Read on below to learn 5 scientific tips for avoiding that dreaded HANGOVER and exactly what Intox-Detox can do to help.

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Tips to Avoid the Holiday Hangover


Always, we repeat, ALWAYS eat before you have a drink. At first, alcohol can turn off your hunger pangs. (They might kick back in later with a vengeance though) The calories might sustain you for awhile, but there’s not a lot of usable vitamins and minerals in the booze. You NEED food. It’s easy to get distracted talking (or arguing politics) with family and totally forget to eat. With nothing in your stomach, the alcohol is absorbed much faster, meaning you become intoxicated sooner. You also have fewer of some key nutrients that can really help counter the negative effects of alcohol. See tip #3 about what specifically to eat.


The whole “beer before liquor, never sicker” thing is actually pretty accurate. Mixing many different kinds of alcoholic beverages in one night is a bad idea in general. However, going from beer or champagne to liquor/liqueur is the worst. The reason is that carbonation speeds up the absorption of alcohol, essentially doing the opposite of the tip above. Anything you drink following the carbonated beverage will be taken up into the blood stream MUCH quicker. When that next drink is liquor you get a far more concentrated form of alcohol that is being priority mailed directly to your liver. And a HANGOVER is really just a liver that is so overburdened by toxins that it can’t keep up. One specific toxin builds up, lingers in the body and damages everything it touches. At that point, you WILL NOT feel better no matter what you do until your liver regenerates some of the needed enzymes to break this one toxin down. However, check out tip #5 to turn this around and “get away with the crime”.


Eating fats doesn’t make you fat. That’s well-established at this point. It’s an overabundance of calories, especially in the presence of refined carbohydrates like sugars that leads to weight gain. Of course, it’s likely that a little overindulging in food is likely to go along with your booze this holiday. That’s why we highly recommend that you keep to the “healthy” fats, which are less likely to be stores and more helpful for our purposes. Fat drastically slows down the absorption of alcohol into your body, giving your liver more time to work on metabolizing the toxins. Specifically, fats like avocados, almonds and olive oil may offer further benefit. There’s a reason for the Mediterranean practice of chugging a whole shot of olive oil before going out for drinks. Another healthy source of fat, avocado is high in the anti-aging and liver detoxifying L-glutathione, which helps neutralize the nasty toxin mentioned above. In fact, any food high in glutathione or its precursors will help. Examples include tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables (think broccoli and cauliflower), leafy greens, onions, whole eggs, red meat and whey protein. Other well known helpers include asparagus and artichoke, which are high in liver-detoxifying nutrients.


Alcohol is a diuretic, tricking your body to pump out far more fluid than you are taking in. No matter how much alcohol you drink, it will never hydrate you because your kidneys and bladder are being coaxed to overproduce urine. Hence the old adage about “breaking the seal”. There’s is no replacement for copious amounts of plain old H2O water. Sports drinks, Pedialyte and coconut water may help due to added electrolytes, but all you need is water. You can just as easily get your minerals and vitamins from eating healthy food. Pick a “water buddy” and have 4 to 6 ounces between drinks. Take a glass to bed and continue sipping before bed and as needed through the night.


Our bodies are made to do this. Your liver is a total BAD ASS when it comes to dealing with all the toxic crap around you that ends up in your blood. After all, the liver is nothing if not a filter for the blood. Sure, it has tens of thousands of other functions, but when you drink, detoxifying the alcohol is priority #1. Unfortunately, alcohol breaks down into a nasty chemical called ACETALDEHYDE (the specific toxin mentioned above), which is up to 30 times more toxic than the beer, wine or liquor that you drank in the first place. When it lingers in the body it causes headache, nausea, lethargy and in extreme cases vomiting (and potentially death). The faster you break this stuff down, the better you will feel the next morning. And that’s why we formulated Intox-Detox. It’s an all-natural, herbal blend that helps your liver get rid of the toxic Acetaldehyde much faster. How much faster? Up to 65% faster, based on human research.

How Does it Do That Exactly?

Intox-Detox contains TWO ingredients clinically proven to BOTH protect your liver and help avoid the MISERY of the next morning, when taken BEFORE drinking alcohol. Best of all, it really works!

Remember our recommendation to eat more foods high in the antioxidant glutathione? If not, go back and read tip #3. Setria L-Gluathione is a natural source of the amino acids your body needs to make more glutathione; and it’s proven to work to the tune of 35% more, based on human research. The glutathione helps to bind the Acetaldehyde and break it down faster. The second wave of awesome detoxifying goodness is Japanese Raisin Extract. It helps the liver produce more of those much-needed enzymes for breaking down the Acetaldehyde from alcohol. The support ingredients Green Tea and Panax Ginseng provide additional antioxidants, may further boost glutathione levels and are proven in preliminary studies to help the body DETOX, RECOVER and PROTECT.

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Happy Holidays and Stay #LIVERSTRONG because #HANGOVERSSUCK!

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