My Hangover Rant

Here’s what we know: Intox-Detox works. I talk myself green in the face pretty much every day and night explaining exactly how and why it works better than ANYTHING ON THE MARKET. Not complaining, that’s my damn job; and I do it pretty darn well. Who else do you know who can still explain the biochemistry of the liver’s 2-stage process for detoxifying alcohol all while blitzed on high-gravity beer? Answer: NO ONE. I’m one of a kind and so is Intox-Detox.

For the uninitiated, Intox-Detox targets the specific chemical that causes the MISERY after drinking alcohol. Hangovers are actually caused by a wide array of physiological effects caused in the body when you drink alcohol. Those include inflammation, dehydration, gastrointestinal upset, low blood sugar and many, many more. However, the “hangover toxin” ACETALDEHYDE (which Intox-Detox targets) is the PRIMARY CAUSE of the worst side effects. Acetaldehyde toxicity causes side effects like nausea, headache, vomiting and wanting to crawl under a rock and die. Sounds EXACTLY like a hangover to me. Read on below video…


The other effects like inflammation and dehydration are actually pretty easy to handle, with nutrient-rich food, OTC pain meds and/or plain old H2O water. Acetaldehyde is a big hurdle for your liver to overcome because breaking it down depends on a finite amount of specific enzymes in your body.

It’s no surprise that we weren’t really built for guzzling 10% Russian Imperial Stouts. Our livers are tough as F, but we probably evolved the ability to breakdown Acetaldehyde from eating rotten fruit, which often contains alcohol. As the self-proclaimed “smartest species” on the planet, we quickly figured out how to make alcohol, which leads me to 2 fascinating, though possibly a little off target tangents…

Random Facts

  1. 10 Million Years – I read a convincing article recently that said we humans, and primates like us, have probably been ingesting alcohol-rich foods for 10 million years or so. Think about it; if food is scarce and the rotten, alcohol-soaked fruit is killing off those with WEAK LIVERS, the ones who survive to pass on their genes are  the good-timers who can stomach a little booze!
  2. Plants Farming Us – This is way off topic, but a Facebook post I saw and shared suggested that plants might just be so evolved as to give us oxygen and food so that we can exist just long enough to die, decompose and feed them with our lingering detritus. Fascinating!

Getting back to the point, while reviewing some Acetaldehyde research, I stumbled on a few more on-target facts that are meaningful for anyone who wants to consume moderate amounts of alcohol without feeling like total crap the next day.

  1. Live Enzymes are F-ing Complicated – Intox-Detox targets the ALDH2 enzyme that catalyzes the process of breaking down Acetaldehyde in the body. Our bodies depend on this enzyme and it is the rate-limiting factor for how fast we can recover from a night of partying. That’s the whole concept behind our product. How exactly our ingredients do this is still yet to be discovered. What we do know is that Asian cultures have been using these ingredients, especially Japanese Raisin (Hovenia dulcis), for detoxifying the liver and recovering from hangovers for centuries, and maybe even millennia. Two human studies clinically prove that our main ingredient does the job. 99.9% of people who try Intox-Detox experience it’s magic. The .01 that don’t usually need to reign in their drinking or take an additional pack before bed. We cannot account for people who are genetically (inferior sounds so Social Darwinist) – not good at breaking down alcohol’s toxins. When you get into the meat of the science you find that there are 19 different ALDH enzymes that affect all kinds of functions in the body. ALDH2 is just one of them. And it’s the one that is involved in stage 2 alcohol detox. Point is it’s a wild world inside your liver and you could spend a lifetime just studying this family of enzymes. The fact that we stumbled upon this pathway for detoxing alcohol is a combination of tradition, the insight of a smart biochemist I know and good old fashioned DUMB LUCK.
  2. Not Everything Natural Helps – For those obsessed with keeping it “natural” in all things – especially food, drink and supplements, we’re right there with you. But don’t kid yourself; not everything natural is good for you. And, not everything artificial is bad. Not to mention, there’s a huge philosophical debate to be had about how anything can really be “artificial” when it’s made by humans out of natural earthly materials. We’ll save that one for some night when you’re drinking old fashioneds with me at 5 am; it will be lively, spirited, possibly contentious and will DEFINITELY end up in religious debate, which I will win. The point is that there’s plenty of natural stuff that can kill you – off of the top of my head, let’s go with cyanide, rattle snakes, sulfuric acid, bleach and earthquakes. More specifically, there are antioxidants that will actually make your hangovers worse. Yes, I said it. I know we live in a time where the lauded ANTIOXIDANT angels are perfect and omni-benevolent, but some of them could possibly hurt you. For example, there are ingredients like kudzu, certain mushrooms and daidzen (from soy isoflavones) that are ALDH2 inhibitors. That means they do the opposite of Japanese raisin. They will inhibit your body’s production of ALDH2 enzyme and make your hangover worse! Others are natural upregulators of ADH or alcohol dehydrogenase. That sounds like a good thing because it speeds up stage 1 liver detox. However, speeding up your liver at this point in the process would actually theoretically cause your body to accumulate more Acetaldehyde (the hangover toxin), and faster. Yikes! My super-smart friend Brooke indicated as much when we first had our alcohol-inspired conversation about this over 10 years ago; that talk actually lead to the development of this product.
  3. Put Your Mouth Where My Pills Are – If you don’t believe that Acetaldehyde is the primary cause of the dreaded HANGOVER, I have a fun experiment for you. Actually it won’t be all that fun, unless you like the feeling of being poisoned and vomiting profusely. One of the best ALDH2 inhibitors, meaning it stops your body from breaking down the nasty Acetaldehyde chemical, is a drug called Antabuse. Here’s the fun experiement: I give you one of these pills. You swallow it down with ONE OUNCE OF VODKA. Yeah, just one little shot. You can mix it if you want, ya sissy! Within minutes you will be violently ill. No moderate dehydration, inflammation or stomach ache could ever compare to the little slice of HELL that you will eat a la mode. So, stop arguing with me when I say that Acetaldehyde is the primary cause of hangovers. You might be a doctor or a pre-med student, but the liver is a complicated UNIVERSE all it’s own. Unless you have spent 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars exploring that place, as I have, then you need to shut up and pick your poison. You can take Intox-Detox and see the MAGIC for yourself. Or you can take Antabuse and prove me wrong. The choice is yours.
  4. I’m Not Always Completely Right – Look, I spend a lot of time railing on “competitors” who pack their product with vitamins and antioxidants. As I proved above, not all antioxidants are helpful. Some can be harmful. Others are just irrelevant to the specific problem we are addressing – HANGOVERS. It’s not just about using natural products and antioxidants. It’s about using the right ones, and in the right amounts. None of our competitors do this. So, I pick on them for loading up their products with electrolytes and B & C vitamins. Notice that I never said these things were not helpful. I said that they were easy and cheap to acquire, so why the HELL would I sell you something that you already have or can get at low cost somewhere else? Looking back through the research, I was reminded that 500 mg of Vitamin C per day can actually boost your Glutathione levels significantly. Glutathione is an important antioxidant for protecting against Acetaldehyde (and breaking it down as well). It just so happens to be that B and C vitamins are also some of the cheapest supplements on the planet. FYI, you can also get them by just eating healthy food every day of your life. Point is that our competitors are giving you USEFUL stuff; but they’re actually just selling you oranges and eggs in pill form. I like to eat oranges and eggs. Vitamins are easy to find. Herbs that magically breakdown ACETALDEHYDE 65% faster, so you don’t feel sick after a few drinks – not so easy to find. I’m not always right; just ask any of my ex-girlfriends or my mom. But on this particular subject, I’m right. It’s expensive to do things right. It takes integrity and a commitment to quality. You have to sacrifice a lot of PROFIT MARGIN to achieve true efficacy. And that’s the special kind of idiot I am. I’d rather make less money and give you a product that works.
  5. What About the FDA? – While I’m at it, let’s bite the hand that spanks us! No, dietary supplements are not FDA-approved. You know what is though? Big Pharma drugs that kill so many people for so much money that they actually hire task forces and lobbyists to hide it from all of us. Sometimes they get caught, but usually they don’t even get prosecuted and they get to keep the majority of the profits. And, oops, it’s your fault because the fast,talking Micro Machine guy on the TV commercial warned you about the side effects (including death) in the last 3 seconds of the ad. I love Western medicine; they will save your damn life. And that’s what they are good for. Just remember, however, that before the drug companies took over the world there were several highly advanced societies who practiced medicine. So many people, including the FDA, tend to polarize the issue, as if we have to choose between “modern medicine” and the wisdom of the ancients. I think we should take the best of both and put them together. The only thing stopping this…you guessed it – Big Pharma and the FDA. They cannot make natural supplements into drugs without impinging on our rights. So they treat all natural supplements like scary snake oil, all the while peddling truly dangerous chemicals that kill people for top dollar. Then, as a knee-jerk reaction, people like me demonize the whole drug industry without giving credit for all the people they do save. We need to find balance on this issue. It’s right there in the Intox-Detox mission statement; we want to combine the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest ground-breaking dietary supplement science. Imagine how much money would be saved and how many human lives if we applied that maxim across all of medicine? One immediate offshoot…cannabis oil would be legalized (No THC required) and very few people would die of CANCER EVER AGAIN.

Here’s a funny example I will leave you with to illustrate the polarization of the American psyche when it comes to supplements and drugs…

Let’s say you go to a bar on any given night. Maybe your watching your NFL team on a Sunday or Monday. The bartender is giving out free beer and shots. Most people, including myself, will gladly indulge to their hearts delight in one of the most dangerous chemicals on planet earth – alcohol. It kills a lot of people, year after year, and there’s no indication that people are going to stop drinking anytime soon. That includes me by the way! But when you bump into me at that bar and I offer you an all-natural supplement that helps protect your liver and avoid the MISERY of the negative after effects (hangover), you look at me SIDEWAYS. I’m creepy. I know people are pill-averse and suspicious of anyone handing out “herbs”, but it’s fascinating to me that we will guzzle alcohol all day, yet we fear natural products. Ask yourself if this is how you really feel, or if this is just society and the establishment brainwashing you. Yes, the alcohol is FDA approved. Intox-Detox is not. I’ll summarize in one very clear statement…

Intox-Detox does not treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any disease, including a HANGOVER (yes, the FDA considers that a disease). We don’t want to be a drug. Then they might make us charge you $750 a pill. The difference with us is that our product works. And it doesn’t hurt people in the process.

Bottom Line

Acetaldehyde is the primary cause of hangovers. We put together a bad ass posse of ingredients that address the root cause and really work. There’s a lot of pretenders out there, so “Watch your cornhole, bud”. We took on the hangover and won. You’re welcome.

Don’t take my word for it. Grab a free sample at

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