Ice Cream as a Hangover Cure?

If only it were that simple. Just imagine. Everyone loves ice cream. What if it were a cure-all for the common hangover. What a beautiful world it would be…

But wait a company in South Korea is actually selling an ice cream bar that works as a hangover cure. We just had to share this with the world. It’s called the “Gyeondyo-bar”, (G-bar for short) which in Korean translates to “Hang in there”. It turns out that the South Koreans are the biggest drinkers in Asia per capita. Who knew?

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Does it Work?

The coolest thing about this new product – it probably works. The G-bar contains Japanese Raisin extract, the same superfood in Intox-Detox. In fact, it’s all making sense now because we buy our raw material from a Korean-American company called Lifetree, one of the only suppliers of the ingredient in the US. We can’t speak for the potency of their ice cream product, but what a cool way to help fight a hangover. See what I did there?

Of course, our philosophy is to preempt feeling terrible by taking Intox-Detox before or during drinking alcohol to protect the body while eliminating the toxins. We prefer to address the root cause of the problem before it happens, rather than waiting until the next morning and trying to “treat” the hangover.

Also, Intox-Detox contains three other powerful ingredients that work in tandem with the Japanese Raisin to detox, recover and protect the body. One of those amazing ingredients is the patented Setria L-Glutathione, which was featured on The Doctors TV show. It acts like a MASTER ANTIOXIDANT for the body, especially against alcohol in the liver.

It’s unlikely that you could jam the whole clinically proven dose of Japanese Raisin extract into one little ice cream bar. That’s why our formula has 4 capsules; you need the right amount of the ingredient to do the job. However, the G-bar would make a great companion product along with Intox-Detox!

Have a healthy meal before you hit the bar and finish it off with a hangover-preventing ice cream bar for dessert. We are seriously thinking about importing these things. Say it with me…

I scream. You scream. We all scream…from HANGOVERS!


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