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New Anti-Aging and Hangover Prevention Science…?

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As the creator, founder and head guinea pig for Intox-Detox, I am always looking for the next big thing in dietary supplement science. Anything that helps with anti-aging, general health and especially keeping a balance between fun and the pursuit of longevity is right up my alley. And that’s why I was so excited to learn about Elysium Health‘s new product Basis, which combines an NAD precursor with an antioxidant called pterostilbene that may mimic caloric restriction to improve health and repair our bodies from metabolic damage. Fast Company has been promoting it on Facebook and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I just had to look into it for myself. So far, it seems very impressive…

What is metabolic damage? You hear all about how to speed up metabolism to burn fat and lose weight. However, very few people understand that the oxygen being produced by metabolic processes has a huge role in aging us. Even exercising produces metabolic damage. That’s right. The very same oxygen you need to breathe and stay alive is also damaging to your body. It oxidizes (duh) the inside of the body, acting as a free radical. I have heard the process likened to the oxidation that causes rust on old cars, only inside of your body, in your cells. Not good. The free radical theory of aging says that metabolic damage along with free radical damage from exposure to toxins, poor diet, lack of exercise and lifestyle all conspire to wear out our cells over time. Our very DNA gets ravaged by free radicals and the telomeres at the ends of our chromosomes get shorter and lead to cumulative damage and aging. But is aging inevitable?

There has been a great amount of animal research on the beneficial effects of caloric restriction for extending life. From personal experience, I have seen great rejuvenating and recuperative effects from fasting for only 24 hours once per week. However, it’s not easy; and can even be pretty painful to abstain from calories for that long. The animal research suggests that the calorie restriction has to be pretty extreme to deliver benefits. Most of us just don’t have the will power or desire to put ourselves through that.

Enter Nicatinomide Riboside (NR for short) and Pterostilbene. According to Elysium developers, these ingredients deliver important nutraceutical factors that may help fend off DNA damage and enhance repair. NR is an NAD precursor. NAD is an important co-factor in a myriad of critical reactions in the body, including metabolism. As we age we have less of the stuff and our cells don’t repair themselves as well as when we were young. Pterostilbene is similar to the resveratrol from red wine, which has been touted to have anti-aging properties. However, it seems to work much better, according to their research. Pterostilbene boosts the function of sirtuin proteins that code for longevity and may play important roles in cell maintenance, growth and repair.

Most interesting to me is the role NAD plays in breaking down the nasty ACETALDEHYDE chemical from alcohol, which Intox-Detox directly targets (See graphic above). We combined ingredients that boost the 2 critical factors for detoxifying Acetaldehyde in stage 2 of the two-step process for metabolizing alcohol from the body. And it works quite amazingly. However, NAD gets depleted over time. We did not add anything to boost NAD because it is readily available in the body. Lifestyle choices like drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco most likely put more metabolic stress on the body and theoretically would draw down on our natural NAD reserves. Boosting NAD should further enhance the liver detoxifying benefits of Intox-Detox and help avoid damage to the liver and other bodily organs from toxic Acetaldehyde.

I am very excited to give Elysium Basis a try and see how it stack up with Intox-Detox. I love seeing other players in the supplement industry using real research to develop effective, novel supplements that break the mold and improve the lives of health-conscious people!

As always, we strive to research and educate on health and liver detox to stay on top of the game. If Basis turns out to prove as effective for anti-aging as the research suggests, we may entertain the idea of partnering together for a Super Anti-Aging Liver Detox product. In the mean time, I’m going to do a little more field research and get some for myself!

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