It’s always this time of year that so many people seem to make the resolution to give up alcohol. Most of the time, either because they punished their liver so extremely on New Year’s Eve or because they have a weight-loss goal in mind.

Let’s not kid ourselves: Calories from alcohol add up. However it’s not so much that the alcohol “makes you fat”, other than the fact that it just adds calories in general. It’s more the choices you make before, during and after alcohol consumption that affect your body composition. There are many ways you can compensate for calories and effects of alcohol to both avoid the hangover and a bulging waistline.

While I certainly agree that there TOTALLY 100% IS a huge benefit to taking a break from drinking completely, I don’t think it’s the be-all and end-all resolution. Now, remember that we’re talking about moderate drinkers, and not alcoholics. If you have an addiction, that’s an entirely different thing.

Personally I’ve always believed that giving up something you like completely (for longer than a few weeks) invites chaos. For example, how many people do you know that  jump on a new fitness trend and get in great shape for 60 to 90 days and then fall off of it because they get burnt out? Most of them end up right back where they started, or worse.

All things in life work in a sort of balance. So if you enjoy a few cocktails, quitting completely for long periods of time could cause the pendulum to swing back too far in the other direction. The key is balance. Actually, balance is the whole reason we started Intox-Detox.

I came across an article by that reminded me of this New Year’s obsession with avoiding booze. I thought the article was a pretty good start, but needed a little Intox-Detox touch to complete what was already a good message.

Here’s a few tips for using diet and drinking strategies, along with Intox-Detox, to keep the pounds off and maintain a healthy balance in the New Year.

How to Keep the Pounds Off Without Giving Up the Booze

1. Session – Like anything else, booze calories add up. If you’re in for a “sesh”, or quite a few drinks, make sure to choose something lighter on calories and alcohol. Keep cocktails to 1 oz of liquor per drink. Choose light beer or Guinness (surprisingly low in calories and alcohol). Embrace very light options like a sugar-free Shandy (beer and lemonade) or Sangria (wine, Zevia and fruit).
2. Mixers – Use Zevia for all of your cocktails, shandies and sangria. They even make all-natural sugar-free tonic water that’s awesome. Avoid artificial sweeteners which may increase food cravings and speed up intoxication, according to recent research.
3. Fasted – Never drink fasted, but you can workout that way. A great way to compensate and burn a lot of calories directly from body fat fast is to do your workout first thing in the morning, as they suggest, but without eating anything first. It will be difficult the first few times, so take it light, but your body has fat for a reason and will quickly adapt to using it exclusively for energy.
4. Eat Light – Sure, we know you should eat light while drinking, but what does that mean? What should you eat? Eat Paleo. Proteins, veggies, berries, nuts and healthy fats. Eat that. Avoid anything refined, which will really stick to your waist while drinking.
5. Liver it Up – Your liver is your most important fat-burning organ. It’s also ground zero for determining how your body processes nutrients. Protect it with liver healthy foods. Taking Intox-Detox before drinking helps in many ways. By protecting the liver it helps you keep your top fat-burning organ at peak performance. According to the research you will also sleep sounder after a few drinks when you take Intox-Detox, so you can wake up more refreshed. It goes without saying that waking up without feeling terrible the next morning makes it a lot easier to get to the gym and do it all over again.
Brutal truth – if the pounds have really added up from drinking, there’s no harm in taking a brief hiatus from the bottle to refocus, give your body a break and let your liver rejuvenate itself. Try a two-weak break and a good milk thistle or liver cleanse supplement from the Vitamin Shoppe.
When you do return to your old ways, use the tips above and grab some Intox-Detox to help keep a balance in your life.
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Happy New Year and stay #LIVERSTRONG!