How to Avoid a Hangover…?

Ever wondered how to avoid a hangover? In our search for natural hangover remedies, we often stumble upon “expert advice” from celebrities, medical professionals, internet gurus and everything in-between.

The following entertaining video from has some great advice (and some not so great). Being that our team studied the problem for over 10 years, leading to the development of the Intox-Detox product, you can bet we are going to have a thing or two to say about this so-called advice. But first, just enjoy this fun video…

A few points and counterpoints to consider…

  1. Water, Water Everywhere – It goes without saying that pure old H2O WATER is one of the very best things you can do to try to avoid the dreaded hangover.  And they are right that alcohol is a powerful diuretic. It tricks your body into pumping out more water than you take in. That’s what happens when you “break the seal”. Your life essence spills out faster than it can ever be replaced by your 12 ounce curls. So yeah, drink plenty of water before, during and after drinking alcohol. Whether you hydrate with water, sports drinks or soup is pretty irrelevant. Just do it. But a hangover isn’t just dehydration. If it was you would feel hungover every time you spent a few hours out in the sun, but that’s just not the case. There’s much more going on with a hangover.
  2. Pass the Drugs – We love our coffee. We also love our hair of the dog, especially a spicy Bloody Mary. We know  very well that NSAIDs and painkillers can be effective at lessening the agony of the hangover. However, they each carry with them their list of potential side effects and dangers. We also, um…er, know a “friend” who likes his Maryjane. However, we might suggest that treating acute poisoning with alcohol with another drug is maybe not the most healthy option. Now, theoretically, if you could vastly accelerate the breakdown of alcohol (by 65% or so) while having one or two hairs of the dog, you might be able to “drink yourself sober” – based on anecdotal, non-scientific reports.  Intox-Detox is clinically proven to enhance alcohol detoxification*, but that might be pushing it a bit too far.
  3. Sleepy Smurf – They are also correct that alcohol prevents deep REM sleep. Not only does that slash the recuperative potential of your “passed out” hours, it also destroys your production of important hormones like HGH. This lack of deep sleep is caused by a phenomenon called glutamine-rebound. Intox-Detox may help prevent this, allowing you to get higher quality sleep even when you have been drinking. In fact, some users have reported they they overslept when taking the product. Not because they were laying in bed all day recovering, but because they were able to attain deep and restful sleep during the night. Just remember to set your alarm, so you can make it to work!
  4. Same Old, Same Old – One of the biggest problems with their list of hangover-free tips. Take a look at the recommendations – sleep, water, coffee, soup, pills and grease. We all have these things readily available in our houses. And yet many of us still suffer from hangovers. There must be something missing here.
  5. “Air Ball” – The biggest miss of this entire list is completely ignoring the effect of the deadly chemical that comes from drinking alcohol. That substance is formed as a metabolite in the liver when you drink; and it’s called ACETALDEHYDE. It’s a carcinogen that’s 15 to 30 times more poisonous than alcohol and is said to cause most of the terrible after effects of drinking. Also left out is the effect an antioxidant called GLUTATHIONE has on helping to break down the deadly poison. “The Doctors” TV show (featured in that video by the way) calls it the body’s master antioxidant, for one because it’s essential for liver detox.

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Bottom Line:

What would we add to this list? First, we have to say thanks to for the entertaining video. Many of their tips are useful ones.

The best additions to the “avoid-the-hangover” list would be increasing Glutathione levels and speeding up the breakdown of deadly Acetaldehyde. Those are the two things that Intox-Detox is clinically proven to do.

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Here’s to a Better Tomorrow!

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